Sunday, April 30, 2006

Japanther w/ AQUADOOM @ palladium 4/28/06

This event was very awesome and very bizzare. japanther played while various synchronized swiiming routines were performed in the water. it was great but of course the nyu security was in full force to make sure no kids ahd any fun. but we did have fun japanther played a great set for some really excited swimmers. it went off with few hitches, like when riley told everyone to get in the pool they got thier plugs pulled until every one was out of the pool, but the plan the whole time was for every one to get in and rock out, but it didnt come to fruition sadly i made it down to my trunks and right as i was baout to go in i got pushed back into my seat and as i wanted japanther to finish thier set i stayed there, maybe they should try it again at a more public pool with more lighter and better vantage points, but for a one off this was hillarious and fun, sucka has some ghreat pics also, check em out.

Electric Six @irving 04/26/06

man i hadnt been to irving plaza in almost a year. i forgot how wierd and menacing the place was, sure its a professional venue, but it makes it a bit less fun, well see how i handle going back to roseland next week.

now some people would say "hey electric six i love that gay bar song, wait you saw them last week?" and i would say yes, and they rocked out. it was a great show they played for over an hour most of the material off of thier albums before they head into the studio to make a third. these guys have great rock jams and they totally got hosed when thier second album came out because it didnt have a novelty hit like gay bar, the thing got shelved and then quietly released some time late last year. i didnt know and prolly neither did most people, i havent heard the thing, but of course i want to go to hear some of those first record cuts, some dance commander, a little danger high voltage, they really delivered, i hadnt seen them since siren last year, but they sure have gotten tighter musically. id like to hear the studio cuts i heard on that night. there were some winners and it always helps to have a beer sponser greasing every ones wheels all night leading up to the event. congratulations bass beer on sponsoring a youngish hipish band to support your old man beer, itll work wonders for your image, didnt you sponsor a ben lee concert too, oh yeah your beer is going places.
you must obey the dance commander:

The Ergs, The Modern Machines & The Shemps @ tommys tavern 4/25/06

a really great night for some good ole rock bands that punk it up a notch. shemps flew from cali for the show and the ergs just drove 40 mins. they were doing to do that much so come on.

shemps were good, these guys are a fun fucked up band, they play some good hardcore stuff, i picked up thier ep and its got a real good sound. pretty rockin its over in like 10 mins. they were ready to fire up the crowd they had and i believe one of the first things out of the singers mouth was "nice rack" and you have to stick with what works and i dont see how that couldnt. the singer kept making his way into the main bar since he had a long enough mic chord, i got a hug at some point, kinda sweaty kinda strange. but they gave it all, to bad more people didnt make it out in the rain.

modern machines from milwaukee made it out east for a nice little tour that brings them through new england, but judging from the recent messages ive been getting they are cancelling shows left and right for some reason, hope everything is ok in momac land, the best part about the show was how much all three of these bands like each other its almost like they are only there for each other and it makes it better, who cares what the kid think lets rock, they were covering each other like crazy.

ergs started with some deep purple covers and for some reason no one came running to hear where those sweet smoke on the water sounds were coming from, but they soon started thier original works and people came a runnin. good set from them as well, i dont get to see those lads from jerz as much as id like too and they are right next door. its about time for another full length from these dork cock rod rockers.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

wahtever peeople say i am i guess theyre right.

ok so as i always do i apologize for being so behind on everything and very absent as for whats current but i think at this point if you still come here you arent lookign for something current but as usual i am trying to change that so i have finally compiled a sloppy list of summer shows that is by no means complete, but in my opinion they are where to be and if you like what you read then i for the most part will give these shows my seal of apporoval, of course not every show will be for every one but i listen to shit at all ends of the spectrum so obviously check it out before you go, but just get out there will ya?

Mon 4/24 8:00 PM Two Gallants, Sam Champion, Cold War Kids @bowery

Tue. April 25th - the ergs,Modern Machines, the shemps and gloryhole - New York, NY (Brooklyn - at Tommy's Tavern)

Wed 4/26 9:00 PM Electric Six, Aberdeen City Irving Plaza

Thursday April 27th @ UNION POOL

fri 4/28 at nyu japanther plays while people do some synchronized swimming, shit is free!

Fri 4/28 8:00 PM Elf Power, Oakley Hall, The Instruments Northsix

Saturday April 29th @ GLASSHOUSE GALLERY
:: Impractical Cockpit ---> Load Records
:::: the Good Good ------>
:::::: More Dogs ---------> from Baltimore, Monitor Records

4/30/06 defiance ohio@ the coz

Monday May 1st @ 98 INGRAHAM ST <-- look! the venue changed!
:: Mt Eerie aka the Microphones
:::: Thanksgiving
:::::: Jason Anderson ---------------> x Wolf Colonel

Tuesday May 2nd @ Goodbye Blue Monday
:: Dead Science
:::: Aa / Big A Little a
:::::: Ill Ease

5/3/06 yeah yeah yeahs @ roseland

Thursday May 4th @ Goodbye Blue Monday
:: The Punks
:::: Talibam
:::::: Pterodactyl
:::::::: Imaginary People

Thu 5/04 7:30 PM Modey Lemon, The Victoria Lucas Rothko

Sat 5/06 7:30 PM Shoplifting, Pit Er Pat, Mecca Normal Knitting Factory(Tap Bar)

Sunday, May 7th - EARLY - 3PM! @ UNIONDOCS
:: Shoplifting --------> mem the Gossip, x Chromatics, x the Vogue
:::: Ex Models
:::::: Mecca Normal
:::::::: Meneguar
:::::::::: The Fugue

Sun 5/07 7:00 PM Lightning Bolt, Nautical Almanac, Double Leopards,
The Kites The Hook

Sunday May 7th @ Cakeshop
:: Experimental Dental School
:::: Shellshag
:::::: Hi Red Center
:::::::: Wildlife

Tue 5/09 7:00 PM Pelican, Mono, The Life and Times, Mgr. Avalon

Sat 5/13 8:00 PM Pretty Girls Make Graves, Giant Drag, The JoggersIrving Plaza

Sun 5/14 6:00 PM Harry & the Potters, Jason Anderson Northsix

Mon 5/15 8:00 PM Year Future, With Love, Up the Empire (from
Kilowatthours) Knitting Factory(Tap Bar)

Wed 5/17 & 5/18 9:00 PM Art Brut, Art Brut 47 (We Are Scientists?),
Think About Life, The Chalets @ the knit

Thu 5/18 7:30 PM Architecture in Helsinki Avalon

Friday May 19th @ Cakeshop
:: Old Time Relijun
:::: Green Milk from the Planet Orange
:::::: Arbouretum
:::::::: Good Morning

TOOL May 19 - New York, NY @ City Center
& May 20 - New York, NY @ City Center

Sat 5/20 11:00 PM Psychic Ills, Telepathe, Electroputas, Visuza Knitting Factory

Wed, 5/22 & 24 -Frog Eyes- @ the Mercury Lounge

Tue 5/23 8:00 PM Murder By Death, Langhorne Slim, Metal Hearts
Knitting Factory(Main Space)

Wed 5/24 8:00 PM The Books @ world financial center

Mon 5/29 7:30 PM French Toast Knitting Factory

Tue 5/30 8:00 PM Ghengis Tron, Gospel, Child Abuse, Electro
Quarterstaff Knitting Factory(Tap Bar)

Tue 5/30 8:00 PM Team Dresch, Partyline (Alison from Bratmobile), Les
Mots Knitting Factory(Main Space)

5/31/06 riverboat gamblers @ cbgb

Thu 6/01 11:30 PM The Fall, The Talk Knitting Factory(Main Space)

6/1-6/6 bouncing souls @the knit

Friday, 6/2/06
Super Furry Animals
South Street Seaport, Pier 17, 7:00pm

Saturday June 3rd @ Brooklyn loft space
:: Growing
:::: Thrones

Sat 6/03 6:30 PM Wolfmother, Psychic Ills Bowery Presents @ Webster Hall

tapes n tapes Tue 06/06/06 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom

Wed 6/07 8:00 PM Pink Mountaintops, The Black Angels, Catfish Haven
Knitting Factory(Main Space)

Wednesday June 7th @ venue TBA
:: Hey Willpower

Friday June 9th @ venue tba
:: !!! aka Chk Chk Chk

Sat 6/10 8:00 PM Foreign Islands, Professor Murder, Mixel Pixel, The
IO's Union Pool(Kanine Records Party)

Mon 6/12 8:00 PM Be Your Own PET, Whirlwind Heat Knitting Factory(Main Space)

Tuesday June 13th @ Cakeshop
:: Skullening
:::: Eyestek
:::::: Bird Names

Tuesday, 6/13/2006
Eels with Smoosh
World Financial Center Plaza, 7:00pm

Tue 6/13 8:00 PM The Boy Least Likely To Knitting Factory(Main Space)

Friday June 16th @ 718 BROOKLYN DINER patio - OUTSIDE!!
:: Matt & Kim
:::: Hawnay Troof

Thursday June 22nd @ venue tba
:: Erase Errata

Fri 6/23 8:00 PM Erase Errata, Dynasty Handbag Knitting Factory(Main Space)

Wednesday June 28th @ UNION POOL
:: Dysrhythmia
:::: Behold... The Arctopus
:::::: Stay F├╝cked
:::::::: Archaeoptryx

we are scientists & the double Thu 06.29.06 Brooklyn, NY Warsaw

we are scientists & the double Fri 06.30.06 New York, NY Irving Plaza

Tuesday, 7/4/2006
Belle and Sebastian
Battery Park, 3:30pm

Thursday July 6, 2006: Broken Social Scene @ Prospect Park Bandshell, Brooklyn

Friday July 28th @ CAKESHOP
:: Saviours (x-Yaphet Kotto, Drunk Horse)
:::: Hightower

that gets us up through july, who knows whats next.

The Islands @ soundfix 04/22/06

oh it was an early rainy cold morning for the islands on saturday. they played a great mini-set that was almost acoustic, they still plugged in the bass and the keys, but it wasnt like soundfix had a couple uprights sitting around for them, so for all purposes it was acoustic. it was a packed ass room and i was in the back doorway, but every one was so quiet you could hear every word of nick diamonds dance tinged mellow indie rock. islands are like when paul simon went to graceland, just a great worldly sound coming out of a great cast of characters, return to the sea is a great cd and itll have you saying unicorns who?

Matt & Kim, Meneguar & the death set @ chips ahoy! 04/21/06

matt and kim made it back home with minimal scars after being out on tour for 10 weeks, it didnt seem like it because i saw them four times while they were away. this place was a crazy great little apt under the jmz in bklyn and it almost got shook to the ground.

can i just say, how the fuck have i missed out on the mutha fuckin death set for so long, this shit was fucking incredible. i thought i was gonna blow a gasket, they bring to mind japanther in a lot of ways but not to the point where you could call it a rip off the shit is just down and dirty and dancy. 2 guitar dudes and a drum machine. shit is rockin like crazy and there are some great hooks too, the cd is fuckin tight, i cant wait for the full length, these guys might not be in the states for much longer before they head back down under so see them quick and party the fuck down.

Meneguar did thier rock and roll thang, i still remember the first time i got to see these guys i had to get the album then and there and i still feel the same way, the songs are great and now that thier back from tour maybe they can get some new shit put together for the summer.

and finally after years of waiting matt and kim came back newly filled with the spirit of rock n roll. the kids out of town probably made them feel real good about what they were doing, but not as good as us kids can make em feel. they played a new song and it was so damn good, so damn damn good, i cant wait for this record to come out, the shit is recorded and the people demand it now! and shit if it didnt end right as the lights were turned on and the cops flooded in and kicked everybody out so then everybody were everywhere on the street.

Acid Mothers Temple @ the knit 04/19/06

i am always looking out for some more japanese psych rock to listen to, seriously what the hell is in that water, the shit is awesome all around. what a genre, what crazy bands it has to offer. Acid Mothers Temple is such a great crazy bad translation of a name too. i was informed that the band got off the flight from japan and came directly to sound check and after only four hours of downtime they jammed out for over 2 hours. that is dedication to your craft. some pretty warped stuff, i could name a few bands from that genre i enjoy more but AMT is no slouch. i tell you what, the best part was at thier merch table they had like 30 albums for sale, what the shit.

Oakley Hall, Miguel Mendez, the Redcoats Are Coming, Diane Cluck & Charlemagne @ brooklyn lyceum 04/14/06 (injection benefit #1)

my good friend dc has begun his monthly benefit shows and this was his first installment. he has named it injection and his goal is to put on a benefit show for a different cause every month and i am very much behind his ideas and will be halping out in all way possible. you can go to that website to get all future show info, i will try to link it here as soon as i know anything. it was a pretty good turn out for this event considering it was all grass roots promoted, dc was able to raise $680 for the common ground collective which is still working full time to help hurricane victims in new orleans. he had only planned on four band but when he got there another band showed up and said they wanted to help out.

Charlemagne was a twangy two piece from here in the city. i have since found out that charlemagne in its truest form is one man with many revolving players who can help him out at various times. they played a nice little set while many people were settling into the venue. it was a a pretty twangy night for the most part and it was good too.

Diane Cluck played a very quiet set of very melodic folk songs, she has a very great voice and she added a very beutiful element to the night, a very soothing feeling, like everything was going to be alright...and then she threw oranges at the crowd.

congratulations to the redcoats are coming for playing a great set despite many issues with sound during thier set, things were moved around at the last second and shit went crazy but halfway through things were back in order. and they finished it up in style, a very good ny band, they play a very tension filled rock set, i dont really thinks its sexual tension, but they just exude something i cant put my finger on the vocals are deep with out being sultry, more something you feel at times.

miguel mendez also had problems that he had to deal with, his being that he was very ill and you could hear it in his voice when he spoke but he managed to push that aside when it came time to belt out his songs. he was also playing with a different band than he usually plays with but the chemistry was there and it came together well, the thing with miguel is he can play those songs really softly or he can rock the fuck out of them and tonight was on the lighter end of things, and it fit well, i keep saying that because these bands all fit together very nicely in a way. i didnt think it would flow so evenly, but it did.

Oakley Hall rocked us home with thier signature countryrock sound. its such good foot stompin stuff at times, with so many vocal and instrumental elements coming together to make it such a driving musical force. an incredible asset to the city. dc doesnt necessarily mean to showcase all new york talent, but its the way it happened this time and i dont think its a bad thing to be able to showcase the great bands we have hear since they sometimes get overlooked with the mountains of out of town acts that blow through hear on the daily. i look forward to next months show the last weekend in may and you should to, details to come.

Gang Gang Dance, Man Man & Stars Like Fleas @nyu student center 04/13/06

stars like fleas kicked off very outthere night of noise. i got there towards the end, but from what i heard they seem like a more psyched out broken social scene. lots of people playing thier different instruments all wondering around and meeting up at certain points here and there, a little bit to shoegazzy at times, but good none the less.

man man are man man, they did switch up thier set a bit this time as they have been ending with "ice dogs" every other time ive seen them this year. they added another song to the end. but i kind of like the way every one walks out to the crowd chanting "and this ship will sail and this heart wont die"

i never got to see gang gang dance before, they were great almost put you in a trance sort of psych tunes with a very middle eastern feel to it, the vocals feel very egyptian to me, well the warped way i think of that area of the world. i dont say words like ethereal but that word comes to mind. very manipulated guitar parts, tribal drumming, and a whole host of keyboard and syth antics make it a very trippy performace. quite enjoyable.

Harry & the Potters @goodbye blue monday 04/12/06

holy shit harry and the motha fuckin potters was off the shit. i am serious as cancer about this. these two guys are great, kids need this stuff and they need it now. harry and the potters are two brothers that tour around the country playing all harry potter related songs and they are great too. these guys tour libraries like crazy givin the kids what they want and usually when i say kids i dont mean preteeens, but this time i do. some guitar, some keyboard and an invisible ron weasley on the drums. they had so much energy, it makes me wonder if thats how loud they rock when they roll up into your local library it cant be. they play all styles of song ranging from grindcore to ballad and they all have to do with different parts of all the harry potter books, shit is so good for kids. they tell the story in the middle of the set as to why there are two harrys but the way they explain this is one is older and came back in a time warp so that they can combine forces and rock us now. its wizard magic gone wild. they are playing north6 on sunday may 14th get down there!

(and yes that is both of them, thats how much they look like HP)

Quasi @ the knit 04/10/06

Ok so quasi is back and they are awesome. it had been over two and a half years since they have toured, but that makes sense due to the fact that janet has been super busy with SK. i just cant get over the chemistry between the two in this band they just play the hell off each other to create really nice pop songs with a good drums and keyboard setup, sometimes switching to guitar. sam coomes rounds out this killer duo with his crazy good lyrical stylings. they switched it up a bit for this tour and added themselves a bass player and let me tell you she works so well with the other two, her name is joanna and she also plays with malkmus and the jicks so you know she aint no slouch. its just a great show to see live they give alot and janets drums are so tight some times shes just as tight as a marching band and then the next second she is loose and jazzy as hell, she has really mastered her instrument especially for some one who didnt start playing drums until her 20's. i wasnt able to get any pictures since i was so far in the back, but i do have some good pics from the last time they came through to north6 way back in sept of '03:

Monday, April 10, 2006

Oneida, parts + labor (record release party), Ex-models, kyp malone & the good good @ north6 4/8/06

i was looking forward to this show since i got the new p+l cd at sxsw. the shit is so awesome and this was the celebration of its release, the good good played first on the right side on the floor, i couldnt get close enough to see, but they sounded incredible as usual, but there seemed to be a bit more than normal, i couldnt put my finger on it, they have put out a new 7" worth grabbing, pink vinyl.

ok so, i hate tv on the radio, a lot. abnormally so. so i was already pissed i had to sit through kyp malone. i watched him and tried to give him a chance, but he pulled the singersongwriter w/guitar. his lyrics arent anything special and neither is his presence. so i cant give an unbiased view but i have to say i didnt really like it, he seems like a nice dude, but that doesnt get a crowd going.

ex-models were back in a new form, and that form is double drums. this shit was awesome. its not completely the old models nor is it the second incarnation, its a bit of both and it rocks hard. it doesnt hurt to have kid millions on drums either. the guys got great rhythm, crazyblasts. and the other drummer had a bass drum on top of a bass drum. they played great off of each other, just chugging along beats to go along with the waves of guitar and nutty harpy vocals. its great, they were playing this show to practice for thier upcoming all tommorows party show, bet thats gonna be a good one.

Parts + Labor were in A1 top form tonight, except for a few power issues with an amp, but they powered through it like pros, taking a bit of a break mid song to fix the problem and pick up right where they were. fucking slaid, they have just officially released the album tommorow, but they have already moved on from it and added more to the songs since they were recorded extra keyboard freakouts and a few more drum fills. it was thier night and they deserved every second of it.

oneida finished off the night with a really long set. i like them but i dont love them, they play some good noodling rock and they got kid millions beatin on the drums. they just keep going and going its great for a while but then it seems a bit repetitive towards the end.maybe thats the shtick, they come on to wear you out so youve gotta go home.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

the Hold Steady, POS & Miguel Mendez @ warsaw 4/7/06

I got to warsaw in time for the last three miguel mendez songs. the guy rocks, on cd he is light and nice and in concert he rocks your shit off. what more can you want from the kid. his band is great too, especially the drummer. catch him on friday at brooklyn lyceum (more details to come on that)

POS is a rapper, strange for him to be on the hold steady bill, except for the fact that he sings a song with craog from HS and of course they played that track, he had some good rhymes and some good beats, you also have to give him the credit to go on with a bunch of drunk HS fans saying what the fuck.

Hold steady were awesome. i dont know what else to say, they were in top form. the new stuff was great the old stuff was amazing. a great crowd for thier homecoming. drunk as hell and sweaty. such a good core fan group for a top shelf bar band. hold the fuck steady.

Shellshag, poingly, the headset, illuminati, standing nudes & the legendary 10oz @ asterisk 4/1/06

this was a long ass night of bands some good some not so much, but it was better than anything else that was going on that night.
legendary 10 oz was a straight up old school punk act that played mostly covers i wasnt feeling it to much, but then they covered the golden girls theme and i could dig that its always nice to be thanked for being a friend.

standing nudes were next, they are good but i just cant get completely into thier altcountry sound, i think that best fits them. i dunno, most people were here for them.

illuminati was a big collective from god knows where collecting many tastes and styles to make up thier indiepop sound. guitars, stand up basses, violins, cowbells, alternating vocals. it was a lot, but it seemed a bit loose at times, they could definately solidify thier lineup and cut a few people so its less busy, but maybe they dont want to do that, i mean it did work for broken social scene.

the headset are the strokes, they make no bones about it. they sound exactly like the strokes and add nothing new, they just seem to be riding the coattails for some fame.

poingly played his brand of crazy art school crossdressing punk. it is what it is.

shellshag slayed, it was 4am but that didnt matter i couldnt stnad still for shellshag the crowd had dwindled to only diehards, and it was good cause the 20 or so people had a great time. i think these guys are a great 1 2 punch of rock n roll, drums and guitar w dueling vocals is a killer combo. and not only did they rock hard they busted the drum heads again. fucking spectacular.