Sunday, April 23, 2006

Quasi @ the knit 04/10/06

Ok so quasi is back and they are awesome. it had been over two and a half years since they have toured, but that makes sense due to the fact that janet has been super busy with SK. i just cant get over the chemistry between the two in this band they just play the hell off each other to create really nice pop songs with a good drums and keyboard setup, sometimes switching to guitar. sam coomes rounds out this killer duo with his crazy good lyrical stylings. they switched it up a bit for this tour and added themselves a bass player and let me tell you she works so well with the other two, her name is joanna and she also plays with malkmus and the jicks so you know she aint no slouch. its just a great show to see live they give alot and janets drums are so tight some times shes just as tight as a marching band and then the next second she is loose and jazzy as hell, she has really mastered her instrument especially for some one who didnt start playing drums until her 20's. i wasnt able to get any pictures since i was so far in the back, but i do have some good pics from the last time they came through to north6 way back in sept of '03:


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