Monday, April 10, 2006

Oneida, parts + labor (record release party), Ex-models, kyp malone & the good good @ north6 4/8/06

i was looking forward to this show since i got the new p+l cd at sxsw. the shit is so awesome and this was the celebration of its release, the good good played first on the right side on the floor, i couldnt get close enough to see, but they sounded incredible as usual, but there seemed to be a bit more than normal, i couldnt put my finger on it, they have put out a new 7" worth grabbing, pink vinyl.

ok so, i hate tv on the radio, a lot. abnormally so. so i was already pissed i had to sit through kyp malone. i watched him and tried to give him a chance, but he pulled the singersongwriter w/guitar. his lyrics arent anything special and neither is his presence. so i cant give an unbiased view but i have to say i didnt really like it, he seems like a nice dude, but that doesnt get a crowd going.

ex-models were back in a new form, and that form is double drums. this shit was awesome. its not completely the old models nor is it the second incarnation, its a bit of both and it rocks hard. it doesnt hurt to have kid millions on drums either. the guys got great rhythm, crazyblasts. and the other drummer had a bass drum on top of a bass drum. they played great off of each other, just chugging along beats to go along with the waves of guitar and nutty harpy vocals. its great, they were playing this show to practice for thier upcoming all tommorows party show, bet thats gonna be a good one.

Parts + Labor were in A1 top form tonight, except for a few power issues with an amp, but they powered through it like pros, taking a bit of a break mid song to fix the problem and pick up right where they were. fucking slaid, they have just officially released the album tommorow, but they have already moved on from it and added more to the songs since they were recorded extra keyboard freakouts and a few more drum fills. it was thier night and they deserved every second of it.

oneida finished off the night with a really long set. i like them but i dont love them, they play some good noodling rock and they got kid millions beatin on the drums. they just keep going and going its great for a while but then it seems a bit repetitive towards the end.maybe thats the shtick, they come on to wear you out so youve gotta go home.


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