Sunday, April 30, 2006

Japanther w/ AQUADOOM @ palladium 4/28/06

This event was very awesome and very bizzare. japanther played while various synchronized swiiming routines were performed in the water. it was great but of course the nyu security was in full force to make sure no kids ahd any fun. but we did have fun japanther played a great set for some really excited swimmers. it went off with few hitches, like when riley told everyone to get in the pool they got thier plugs pulled until every one was out of the pool, but the plan the whole time was for every one to get in and rock out, but it didnt come to fruition sadly i made it down to my trunks and right as i was baout to go in i got pushed back into my seat and as i wanted japanther to finish thier set i stayed there, maybe they should try it again at a more public pool with more lighter and better vantage points, but for a one off this was hillarious and fun, sucka has some ghreat pics also, check em out.


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