Sunday, April 23, 2006

Matt & Kim, Meneguar & the death set @ chips ahoy! 04/21/06

matt and kim made it back home with minimal scars after being out on tour for 10 weeks, it didnt seem like it because i saw them four times while they were away. this place was a crazy great little apt under the jmz in bklyn and it almost got shook to the ground.

can i just say, how the fuck have i missed out on the mutha fuckin death set for so long, this shit was fucking incredible. i thought i was gonna blow a gasket, they bring to mind japanther in a lot of ways but not to the point where you could call it a rip off the shit is just down and dirty and dancy. 2 guitar dudes and a drum machine. shit is rockin like crazy and there are some great hooks too, the cd is fuckin tight, i cant wait for the full length, these guys might not be in the states for much longer before they head back down under so see them quick and party the fuck down.

Meneguar did thier rock and roll thang, i still remember the first time i got to see these guys i had to get the album then and there and i still feel the same way, the songs are great and now that thier back from tour maybe they can get some new shit put together for the summer.

and finally after years of waiting matt and kim came back newly filled with the spirit of rock n roll. the kids out of town probably made them feel real good about what they were doing, but not as good as us kids can make em feel. they played a new song and it was so damn good, so damn damn good, i cant wait for this record to come out, the shit is recorded and the people demand it now! and shit if it didnt end right as the lights were turned on and the cops flooded in and kicked everybody out so then everybody were everywhere on the street.


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