Sunday, April 09, 2006

the Hold Steady, POS & Miguel Mendez @ warsaw 4/7/06

I got to warsaw in time for the last three miguel mendez songs. the guy rocks, on cd he is light and nice and in concert he rocks your shit off. what more can you want from the kid. his band is great too, especially the drummer. catch him on friday at brooklyn lyceum (more details to come on that)

POS is a rapper, strange for him to be on the hold steady bill, except for the fact that he sings a song with craog from HS and of course they played that track, he had some good rhymes and some good beats, you also have to give him the credit to go on with a bunch of drunk HS fans saying what the fuck.

Hold steady were awesome. i dont know what else to say, they were in top form. the new stuff was great the old stuff was amazing. a great crowd for thier homecoming. drunk as hell and sweaty. such a good core fan group for a top shelf bar band. hold the fuck steady.


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