Sunday, April 23, 2006

Gang Gang Dance, Man Man & Stars Like Fleas @nyu student center 04/13/06

stars like fleas kicked off very outthere night of noise. i got there towards the end, but from what i heard they seem like a more psyched out broken social scene. lots of people playing thier different instruments all wondering around and meeting up at certain points here and there, a little bit to shoegazzy at times, but good none the less.

man man are man man, they did switch up thier set a bit this time as they have been ending with "ice dogs" every other time ive seen them this year. they added another song to the end. but i kind of like the way every one walks out to the crowd chanting "and this ship will sail and this heart wont die"

i never got to see gang gang dance before, they were great almost put you in a trance sort of psych tunes with a very middle eastern feel to it, the vocals feel very egyptian to me, well the warped way i think of that area of the world. i dont say words like ethereal but that word comes to mind. very manipulated guitar parts, tribal drumming, and a whole host of keyboard and syth antics make it a very trippy performace. quite enjoyable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this show ruled for sure. you should see stars like fleas more (or more of their set) if that's your impression. They are definitely not shoegazy/drifty, as a general rule. Not spazzorck, but pretty jarring and anxious sometimes...anyway, cool post.

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