Sunday, April 29, 2007

It Lives @ southpaw 10/14/06

It Lives are a local trio gone quartet. I havent yet seen them as a four piece, but i am sure an extra guitar leaves them plenty of room for experimentation with thier psych-garage awesomeness.

Tunnel of Love, Cheveau & Bossy @ uncle paulies 10/13/06

Bossy was fucking great. From the ashes of Bent Outta Shape was born young men and bossy. So far Bossy is better for my money, just a great new direction. Plaintive surfy girl pop. Maybe Nico from some place sunny, go listen to "walk around" at thier myspace page.

Cheveau was a noise band from france.

Tunnel of Love always put on a killer live show with plenty of climbing and crawling all over and as close to all nude as you can possibly get without going there.

Awesome Color @ tonic 10/12/06

Awesome Color fresh from thier tour came back home to rock out at tonic. They had an extra guitarist at this show and he was fucking great, they always have sweet surprise guests.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hari Honzu @ nublu 10/11/06

I went to check out a buddys band at this crazy new(to me?) place over on avenue c, after not finding it after pacing the block a few times i was told there was a blue light, and sure enough there was a dim blue bulb in front of a shuttered storefront. After pushing through a heavy curtain there was in fact a really nice little club inside. After some heavy dance music played through thier soundsystem Hari Honzu took, what i assume to have been, the stage. Which was really just a place they moved the tables out of the way. it was a bit cramped but no matter. They played a really great jazzy, rocky, noodely style of music that replaces the vocalist with a saxman. They ripped through maybe 8-10 songs that bounced from a really loungey groove to a fast paced finger-tapped crescendo. They are mixing thier first ep right now and might have a gig with oneida sometime this summer.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Two Gallants & Langhorne Slim @ bowery 10/8/06

Really pleasent evening with two great bands that channel style from eras gone by. Langhorne rolled out a lot of material i had not heard yet, he is about due for a follow up to "when the suns gone down".

Two Gallants blew through an amazing set, they are both such talented players, all kinds of finger implements to add to guitar parts, while the drummer keeps his head down in deep focus to blow out the mile a minute beats. and this was all just days before the tazering incident in texas. no one was about to hassle them at bowery that night, every one was mesmerized

Oxford Collapse, Chin Up Chin Up & Cause Co-motion @ glasslands 10/07/06

Record release party for oxco's remember the night parties which is a good record, but as always i long for the original line up to make more records.

Cause Co-motion are winners in my book, sometimes aggitating and always dancy surf tunes. Lofi and low budget rockers that get those asses shakin.

Chin Up x2 are a band that i enjoy live, but really cant listen to the records, the life show has so much more umph to it, another great dance rock band.

OxCo close off thier night party with a really long set full of guest instrumenters to make it a celebration. this was easily the longest set ive seen them play and it was a comfortable at hometown gig lots of raging and a bit of moshing which was something i doubt they get very often.

Meneguar, Gospel, Leaders, Team Robspierre, & Dynamite Arrow @ Pratt half circle thing 10/6/06

Dynamite Arrow roll out those punk rock anthems, a nice breath of familiar air. Classic stylings make for great enthusiasm from band and crowd alike.

Team Robspierre is the shit, i had wanted to check these guys out for a really long while now. Glad i did, they play spazznoise greatness, brings to mind genghis tron on lots of speed, i bought the full length and it pushes the 11 minute mark. lots of people makin lots o noise.

leaders drone on. trudging metal from right here in brooklyn. you can download a bunch of tracks off thier website, check them out and see them when they return from hiatus sometime after may.

Sadly this was the last time i ever got to see Gospel, they broke up quite soon after this show, to bad too. They played such well orchestrated metal it was rediculous breakneck speed, buttloads of time changes, and a drummer to end all drummers.

Meneguar brought the night home with a couple classics. oh i almost forgot to mention the funniest part of this night...there was some ass bag cop who wouldnt leave the area, he just watched and waited for some one to fuck up, meaning every one had to drink very carefully, but halfway through the ordeal the cop gave a speech about how you need to be discreet and if we had regular cups filled with booze he wouldnt have hassled us, what an ahole.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Wolf Eyes @ the knit 10/5/06

I dunno if i liked human animal as much as the rest of Wolf Eyes output, but this was definately the best show i have seen from them. They seemed really heavy into it, great noise crowd. i forgot my ear plugs and suffered accordingly.