Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Ergs, The Modern Machines & The Shemps @ tommys tavern 4/25/06

a really great night for some good ole rock bands that punk it up a notch. shemps flew from cali for the show and the ergs just drove 40 mins. they were doing to do that much so come on.

shemps were good, these guys are a fun fucked up band, they play some good hardcore stuff, i picked up thier ep and its got a real good sound. pretty rockin its over in like 10 mins. they were ready to fire up the crowd they had and i believe one of the first things out of the singers mouth was "nice rack" and you have to stick with what works and i dont see how that couldnt. the singer kept making his way into the main bar since he had a long enough mic chord, i got a hug at some point, kinda sweaty kinda strange. but they gave it all, to bad more people didnt make it out in the rain.

modern machines from milwaukee made it out east for a nice little tour that brings them through new england, but judging from the recent messages ive been getting they are cancelling shows left and right for some reason, hope everything is ok in momac land, the best part about the show was how much all three of these bands like each other its almost like they are only there for each other and it makes it better, who cares what the kid think lets rock, they were covering each other like crazy.

ergs started with some deep purple covers and for some reason no one came running to hear where those sweet smoke on the water sounds were coming from, but they soon started thier original works and people came a runnin. good set from them as well, i dont get to see those lads from jerz as much as id like too and they are right next door. its about time for another full length from these dork cock rod rockers.


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