Sunday, April 23, 2006

Harry & the Potters @goodbye blue monday 04/12/06

holy shit harry and the motha fuckin potters was off the shit. i am serious as cancer about this. these two guys are great, kids need this stuff and they need it now. harry and the potters are two brothers that tour around the country playing all harry potter related songs and they are great too. these guys tour libraries like crazy givin the kids what they want and usually when i say kids i dont mean preteeens, but this time i do. some guitar, some keyboard and an invisible ron weasley on the drums. they had so much energy, it makes me wonder if thats how loud they rock when they roll up into your local library it cant be. they play all styles of song ranging from grindcore to ballad and they all have to do with different parts of all the harry potter books, shit is so good for kids. they tell the story in the middle of the set as to why there are two harrys but the way they explain this is one is older and came back in a time warp so that they can combine forces and rock us now. its wizard magic gone wild. they are playing north6 on sunday may 14th get down there!

(and yes that is both of them, thats how much they look like HP)


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