Sunday, April 30, 2006

Electric Six @irving 04/26/06

man i hadnt been to irving plaza in almost a year. i forgot how wierd and menacing the place was, sure its a professional venue, but it makes it a bit less fun, well see how i handle going back to roseland next week.

now some people would say "hey electric six i love that gay bar song, wait you saw them last week?" and i would say yes, and they rocked out. it was a great show they played for over an hour most of the material off of thier albums before they head into the studio to make a third. these guys have great rock jams and they totally got hosed when thier second album came out because it didnt have a novelty hit like gay bar, the thing got shelved and then quietly released some time late last year. i didnt know and prolly neither did most people, i havent heard the thing, but of course i want to go to hear some of those first record cuts, some dance commander, a little danger high voltage, they really delivered, i hadnt seen them since siren last year, but they sure have gotten tighter musically. id like to hear the studio cuts i heard on that night. there were some winners and it always helps to have a beer sponser greasing every ones wheels all night leading up to the event. congratulations bass beer on sponsoring a youngish hipish band to support your old man beer, itll work wonders for your image, didnt you sponsor a ben lee concert too, oh yeah your beer is going places.
you must obey the dance commander:


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