Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oakley Hall, Miguel Mendez, the Redcoats Are Coming, Diane Cluck & Charlemagne @ brooklyn lyceum 04/14/06 (injection benefit #1)

my good friend dc has begun his monthly benefit shows and this was his first installment. he has named it injection and his goal is to put on a benefit show for a different cause every month and i am very much behind his ideas and will be halping out in all way possible. you can go to that website to get all future show info, i will try to link it here as soon as i know anything. it was a pretty good turn out for this event considering it was all grass roots promoted, dc was able to raise $680 for the common ground collective which is still working full time to help hurricane victims in new orleans. he had only planned on four band but when he got there another band showed up and said they wanted to help out.

Charlemagne was a twangy two piece from here in the city. i have since found out that charlemagne in its truest form is one man with many revolving players who can help him out at various times. they played a nice little set while many people were settling into the venue. it was a a pretty twangy night for the most part and it was good too.

Diane Cluck played a very quiet set of very melodic folk songs, she has a very great voice and she added a very beutiful element to the night, a very soothing feeling, like everything was going to be alright...and then she threw oranges at the crowd.

congratulations to the redcoats are coming for playing a great set despite many issues with sound during thier set, things were moved around at the last second and shit went crazy but halfway through things were back in order. and they finished it up in style, a very good ny band, they play a very tension filled rock set, i dont really thinks its sexual tension, but they just exude something i cant put my finger on the vocals are deep with out being sultry, more something you feel at times.

miguel mendez also had problems that he had to deal with, his being that he was very ill and you could hear it in his voice when he spoke but he managed to push that aside when it came time to belt out his songs. he was also playing with a different band than he usually plays with but the chemistry was there and it came together well, the thing with miguel is he can play those songs really softly or he can rock the fuck out of them and tonight was on the lighter end of things, and it fit well, i keep saying that because these bands all fit together very nicely in a way. i didnt think it would flow so evenly, but it did.

Oakley Hall rocked us home with thier signature countryrock sound. its such good foot stompin stuff at times, with so many vocal and instrumental elements coming together to make it such a driving musical force. an incredible asset to the city. dc doesnt necessarily mean to showcase all new york talent, but its the way it happened this time and i dont think its a bad thing to be able to showcase the great bands we have hear since they sometimes get overlooked with the mountains of out of town acts that blow through hear on the daily. i look forward to next months show the last weekend in may and you should to, details to come.


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