Sunday, October 16, 2005

Regina Spector & Michael Leviton 10/06/05 @NYU

Im glad i know people who can help me into nyu events they have some really good shit going down there most of the time and this was no exception.
Michael Leviton was a real surprise, i had never heard of him at all and at first glance he doesnt seem like much, but he plays nautical love songs on a eucalali and thats it. they are terrific songs and he has very fun stage banter in between, i cant think how hard it would be to come up with only nautical analogies, but when you think about it the sea can represent many things. he plays around town a lot. hes also on myspace.

Regina Spector is an amazing person, she is like fiona apple, but with 10x more talent, her voice is unbelievable and her piano skills are incradible. she is so soft and sweet and her lyrics are arranged in a way that seems like it would only fit her music, it is unlike anything else, they are so personal and specific that you can sometimes understand exactly what she means and others have no idea because its such personal statement that maybe just she or one other person will ever know what she means. she is very cute and playful with her live show. very humble for the amount of talent she puts forth. she had an upright and keyboard set up as well as a guitar she rocked out on for one song. it was great when she switched to the keyboard because she played with the settings a bit and made her piano into a quire. and the smile never left her face, i only wish she couldve played longer. the greatest moment for me was when she sang "love is so fickle it starts with a flood and ends in a trickle", that lyric just reaches into your soul and makes your heart explode. and because it was yam kipur she decided to blow a chaffeur, but it took her like ten tries, and she couldnt stop laughing about it. she seems like one amazing human being.


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