Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Last 2 Coachwhips Shows 7/22/05 & 7/23/05 @ Boogaloo Bar & The Dreams Rooftop

I cant say enough about the coachwhips ever. They came into my life less than three years ago and immediatly became my favorite live band. i havent missed them once since the first time. John Dwyer has always surprised me by being super friendly even though he is a notorious dick in the SF scene. I showed interest in the band and he brought me thier first release of which he only had a few copies left and gave it to me for free. its that kindness contrasted with the all out assault of sound that is the coachwhips that make them so amazing. The music is loud and aggressive and unintelligable but the vibe is DANCE MUTHERFUCKER!!! you just cant help it, even when i listen to them i cant help but move around. so when it came around in april that they broke up i was destroyed because the show right before it at mighty robot was probably the best yet. i saw john dwyer when he came as OCS and told him how enraged i was and he told me that they would have to come back to end it all and finally last weekend they did, and my body is still a wreck.
Friday night @ Boogaloo bar saw the band return to an old haunt that i had seen them at 2 winters ago. i couldnt help but remember what happened to me after that particular show, i woke up in the lorimer street L station covered in my own vomit, when i got out it was like 7am. i hoped i wouldnt be such a wreck this time around. Child Abuse played first and they played some instrumental noise rock, but it was tight rather than wondering around. Trin Tran came out of retirement to bring his one man band to a show that needed his brand of of devo-esque synth noise. he plays bass and snare drums with foot pedals, has a mic around his neck, and plays guitar, synth and keyboards with his hands. He is simply wonderful and he doesnt miss a beat, i wouldnt be able to keep up that rhythm its insane.

Due to the fact that Val-tronic was in florida for a double dutch tournament the coachwhips played as the roachclips, they are a cover band, and they also have another guitarist named ian knox. They played well together and brought some covers from bands like the horrors, the gorries, the icky boyfriends, the velvet underground and the kinks. But of course they couldnt just go out like that so john and drummer matt played some classics as a duo. hey fanny, hands on the controls and the alarm to name a few, it set the night on fire and it was so hot i ran out right after, but not before grabbing one of these sweet posters and the setlist. it was a great night only lacking in the swingin grooves provided by val.

On Saturday i raced away from lightning bolt ot make sure i had time to get to brooklyn before the trio went on for the final she-bang, i got to cook street and ran upstairs to the sounds of trin tran delighting the kids, before the moment of truth, the roof was a suprisingly cool atmosphere for a cw show, but it would do just fine in this summer heat, the days events had drained the energy right out of me but as soon as JD started doing that mic check it was like my tank got filled up again, they all set up and the anticipation was a killer, they ripped right into the songs that made them who they are, but sadly val had to quit after about 5 songs because her piece of shit casio finally lived up to its name and broke totally, it seemed fitting, i just wished it was only a half hour later. i was scraped bruised and beaten early in, but never felt the pain until the next morning. john and matt rocked for a half hour playing some songs not oft heard (letter to london, recline recline) and just when i thought it was going to be over they brought ian back and went through thier covers set again before bidding the world adieu and walked away heroes in thier own right. they went out in a blaze of glory rather than the more popular fading away that seems to be the case most times these days. somehow i got the setlist again to complete my collection and after some hearty handshakes i was off again, trying to be happy but not without feeling a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that i would never feel the same again.


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post the setlists dood!

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haha, you got spam ^^^^.

Hey Edan, it's Matt. Don't know if you even still use this, but I'm letting you know I started a blog.

go here:

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