Monday, July 02, 2007


hey guys and gals,
it takes me forever to write stories and im so behind at this point that i went ahead and got a flickr account, so if youd like to see whats going on in the city head on over to the new home of the hat.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Arcade Fire @ judson memorial church 2/15/07

After almost dying of hypothermia i got to see an amzing set by the Arcade Fire, i know lots of hype surround them and until you see them live you will never understand it, i waited outside for 2 hours in only a hoodie and when they slowly let us in i was able to grab a ticket just as they started to play black mirror, needless to say i was way in the back of the room but that didnt stop me from freaking the fuck out, they were so good, and the church was such an amazing setting, my pics of the normal set arent very clear, but the best part was the encore where they came out into the crowd not more than two people away from me, and they played an acoustic version of wake up that brought the whole crowd in for the sing along. it was amazing.

Necking @ cake shop 1/20/07


Kimya Dawson w/ Tiny Masters of Today @union hall 1/20/07

Tiny Masters of Today

Kimya Dawson had been gone for such a long time, it was so nice to see her back with baby in tow. It just reminds me of how great it was to see her all the time, but oh well shes mama dawson now.

Birthday Boyz, Stay Fucked & Animal @ glasslands gallery 1/19/07

Animal is an awesomely amazing band.

Stay Fucked

Birthday Boyz

Awesome Color @ glasslands gallery 1/7/07

Awesome Color

Matt & Kim, Meneguar, Aa & Totally Michael @ studio b 1/6/07

Totally Michael



Matt and Kim

Japanther, Lydia Stone & Animandible @ europa 1/4/07


Lydia Stone


High Places @ some art gallery 12/15/06

High Places

Hari Honzu @ nublue 12/13/06

Hari Honzu

Panthers @ uncle paulies 12/10/06


Dan Deacon, Parts & Labor, Grey Daturas & Alexis @ asterisk 12/9/06


Grey Daturas

Parts & Labor

Dan Deacon

The Seconds & Grey Daturas @ glasslands gallery 12/8/06

Grey Daturas

The Seconds

Tiny Masters of Today @ the arm 12/8/06

Tiny Masters of Today

The Evens, Daniel Higgs @ nyu 12/7/06

Daniel Higgs

The Evens

Icy Demons, Coyote, Cale Parks, & Big Digits @ glasslands gallery 12/2/06

Big Digits

Cale Parks


Icy Demons

Dinosaur Jr. @ rebel 12/1/06

Dinosaur Jr.

Awesome Color, O' Death & Birthday Boyz @ columbia 11/30/06

Birthday Boyz

O' Death

Awesome Color

Hari Honzu @ Nublu 11/21/06

Hari Honzu

Mudhoney @ the knit 11/18/06


Andrew WK Lecture @ nyu 11/17/06

Andrew WK

Les Savy Fav w/ Matt & Kim @nyu 11/09/06

Matt and Kim

Les Savy Fav