Sunday, October 16, 2005

The White Stripes & The Shins 09/24/05 @Keyspan Park

Oh how i long for the days when i saw the white stripes in tiny venues, but hey i cant complain because everytime i go see them, i am just in the mindset that they arent going to be as good, but they make me wrong every single time. they have yet to disappoint me besides the fact that thier ticket prices get larger each time, but hey when youre carting around a full piano and kettle drums its gonna coast a little bit more.The Shins opened up and while i very much enjoy the shins on record thier live show definatley leaves something to be desired, they are the standered shoegazing indie rock band and when you play before the white stripes you better do something interesting if you want any one to give you a second thought and the shins just didnt do it.

See how far away i was, this is my only other problem with seeing the stripes, i want to be right there, but it doesnt matter vibe wise to be that far back, its still like jack is grabbing you by the collar and singing right in your face. The kids ripped through an amazing rock set, playing very few of their lighter jams in favor of rocking my socks clear out of the park. and every one always rips on meg for being not that great a musician and sure, say what you want, but imagine trying to be a more intricate drummer when you have to answer to every slightest bend of a note to race into an entirly different, time signature, beat, etc. it would be pretty fucking hard, but that why they are so good, they are so unpredictable and so all over the place, that where ever jack is steering the tone of the show, he can spin around and go in a completely different direction. jack was also carting around that marimba, and its was nuts when he played it to, the man just recently picked it up and hes already doing crazy extra fills and spinning the sticks in his hand. and probably the funniest part of the night was when meg was laughing at jack for something and he was like, oh whats funny i wanna know, whats so funny, and then he started playing in the cold cold night as a punishment. long live the white fucking stripes. i ripped the setlist from productshop, but just look at this things it still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up just reading it:

Black Math / Blue Orchid / Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground / Passive Manipulation / Jolene / My Doorbell / Cannon -> John the Revelator / Screwdriver / Passive Manipulation / The Nurse / Forever for Her / Death Letter / Hotel Yorba / Hardest Button to Button / I Think I Smell a Rat -> Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" -> I Think I Smell a Rat / Walking With a Ghost (Tegan and Sara) / Ball and a Biscuit / Hello Operator / Union Forever // I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet) / Red Rain / Loving You / In the Cold, Cold Night / Let's Shake Hands / We're Going to Be Friends / Little Ghost / Ball and a Biscuit / Seven Nation Army / Bo Weevil

that was the best i could do for the distance i was at, but fuck it, at least i remember what they look like.


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