Tuesday, October 11, 2005

since i been gone (part 2)(cmj)

ok so cmj was more than i couldve expected this year i didnt have a badge, but have since learned its fun even without one. i kicked it off on tuesday afternoon by going to the museum of television and radio because kexp, that radio station from seattle, was having a free broadcast of langhone slim, there were very few people there, he played a few songs in 30 mins, one new one that was real good, but the best part was a story that he told about his tour with eugene merman. it started like he was cleaning out the van and left his guitar by the wheel and forgot about it, merman went out later to move the car and he crushed the heriloom guitar that belonged to his uncle. ouch! well things are okay now, but its a rough ass tour story that fo sho.

that night i went to the knit to catch fiest do her canadian girl thing, and she did it well to a sold out crowd. playing a lot of her record, but also playing a good amount of new things and some variations on her songs that were welcome, and she played 2 encores, i think its been a while. check out a terible pic:

(knit lighting is terrible for pics, to bad most of the good shows are there now)

wednesday brought me to the ace fu showcase @rothko. acid mothers temple had to back out due to customs problems, but as sad as that is thats probably the reason it wasnt sold out before i got there. its fun to be at a 21+ venue for cmj and see kids get turned away because mommy and daddy boutght them a badge haha FUCKYOU! so anyway, i missed the occasion sadly, but i got there just in time for we are wolves and they fucking rocked out, they are so asskickin the drummer has to stand hes so excited, and the bass drum has to be on a machine, theres just no way around it.

after that was the octopus project who i had never heard before and that mightve been good because they play these crazy tangling vocallesss indie rock soundscapes that are totally amazing to see, but i am unsure how it would translate to cd, the live energy was all ther and they came out with these crazy block headson:

and they dressed the speakers up like big scary ghosts that shuddered with every bass thump:

they had all kinds of cool synths and effects and a great theramin solo. check em out!

next was the band i came for, the mighty man man! who ive seen a bunch and am totally in love with thier sea chantys from outer space. a little bit tom waits a little bit frank zappa, they have reworked thier line up a bit, but it is still a great white whale of a show. complete with grunts, slide whistles and those pianos you play with your mouth. honus even played a spatula for a bit.

to kill us off was the mighty AN ALBATROSS who was playing a lot of new licks, i guess they have some kind of album coming out soon maybe. they did their normal riot act, but not many people were going insane as many of the albatross shows ive seen before ending in blood. but they didnt give a shit either way. they need to play on the floor, and all those dudes are short, but i guess you cant be a metal guitarist and shred unless youre pissed about your height...

after they were done, which was rather quick i walked over to the knit to check out the 3am performance from outkasts hip hop purist, BIG BOI and friends. it took them forever to get out there, but when they came they brought that shit southwest atlanta style. they pumped a lot of new shit because BB is releasing a new comp called got purp, they kicked it off with the new single called, kryptonite, and interestingly enough it has nothing to do with superman, but rather that green shit you know and love. sleepy brown, killer mike, rock-D and others were there puttin it down, we got some whole world, southernplayalistic, like the way you move, and a few other kast classics, and when it was all over i wasnt even tared, but killer mike had to sit most of the set out due to all the killing i would guess its gotta fatigue ya herd?

-thursday brought us the ployvinyl showcase at the knit i missed aloha, but ida was interesting, very light fluffy stuff, that was not good to keep me going, but i would give it another listen if i were trying to entice a lover, but only if our bellies were sluggish with goat meat. after they were through saturday looks good to me rifled through a short set, but they were definatly winners, they have that polyvinyl sound, they middle it out, not as hard as apollo sunshine, but around there.

hail social played downstairs to much admiration, i picked up thier record a little bit ago, its good, but to see them live is to hear thier rocknroll sounds a bit more, they are more radioactive in a live setting.

XBXRX brought thier shit like crazy, thier spazz rock stylings were a very welcome wake up call to a sleepy crowd, and you figure most bands, especially one so different than anyone else playing that night would get sucha good response, but they said get on the ground and every one there got the fuck down. they rocked thier pink sailor suits til the wheels fell off, i have since got thier new record sixth in sixes ans i am not disappointed in the least it is a half hour of pure mayhem, i feel like i should wear earplugs under my headphones.

the billy nayer show was shoved away downstairs for a short set that had the few people there super excited, these guys are a great band and if you need any proof just check out thier masterful movie the american astronaut, shit is a rocknroll space western, and they do the soundtrack to match. guy rocks out on an autoharp for shits sake.

of montreal finished off the knit show excellently, those guys are alright on record but there live show is done up so right its not even funny. great costumes, great breaks, great choreography, sadly while i was down watching the bns the place filled up like mad with fucking cmj badges and i was way in the back and it wasnt even worth trying to take pics, not that most of tonights were any good to begin with. anywho go see this band.

after that got out i raced to scenic in the village for the secret constantines gig, i am so glad that this happened because there big ass subpop showcase was way sold out due to wolf parade being on the bill, they are good, but i dont think they deserve all this crazy hype, but who the fuck am i. so yeah about 2am constantines took the tiny staged and played a lot of the old stuff, and a good amount of stuff off thier new one tournament of hearts, that comes out soon if not now, i wasnt big on it at first but of course live they make you understand what it means, the lead singer has such a great sprinsteenish vibe to him and he just growls the whole show right in your face, it was incredible as usual. second best performance of cmj easily.

-friday was the end for me and it was my fourth night in a row at the knit for the kill rock stars extravaganza. slumber party began the night with their light indie-girl-pop sounds of beauty, many from thier new album out now.

slim moon played his first show with a badn downstairs and it showed, i enjoyed it but boy was it sloppy and the last song consisted of him saying fuck the presidant at least a hundred times.

limited express (has gone?) was the #1 surprise blowout performance of the week, there were things i knew would be good and things i knew would suck but thie band made my eyes pop out of my head, they are jap-punks a long way from home but that doesnt stop then from blowing your head off, the music is insane and the singer catches you so offguard between songs, because shes one of those stereotype cute softspoken girls and then she just starts wailing and you cant help but just be like what the fuck i cant stop jumping up and down

BARR brought his funny ass freestyle rapish spoken word musings to a tiny crowd downstairs with his beat machine in tow, his performace is really great and funny, its like a performance piece, but its good and he actually plays different characters and the only way you know if because he has a sweater on his head. he was big on pushing his upcoming release on krs

the numbers new record is a departure from those past, but in no way is that a bad thing, they are just more accessible now, but they still play old stuff and its great girl fronted (even though shes in the back on the drums) rock tunes, with great melody from erik on the keyboards.

the makers would be good anywhere else i guess, but at this show i couldnt really take them, its kinda mooney suzuki-ish but it sucks and the lead singer is not mick jagger nor is he wayne kramer. i had to suffer through them because i wasnt gonna miss one second of the next band, check out those sweet matching vest and shirt combos!

cmj was all an excuse for me to not think about how awesome the gossip were going to be i had to see other shows to rev me up because if i just showed up out of the blue to see some gossip rock action my head and balls would explode on the first lick. hannah billy has really complimented the band well her beats are tight as hell, and brayce is still rocking that geetar, and beth ditto is still the beautiful hunk of woman from my dreams that could put most other singers of this day to fucking shame, they would just leave the building after hearing her belt out the gutteral voice that is the gossip, this set was amazing from start to finish, you know how sometimes bands play new tunes and you just cant really get into them, it was like i had heard them a hundred times already. i even brought my dad to this show and he fucking freaked too, he said beth is like mama cass, whatever the fuck that is. they fucking rocked my shit away, im just babling now, thats what they did to me, i cant make real word anymore. gossip good! evrythign else not as good! pictures now!

and as if cmj couldnt get any better miss beth was kind enough to get a pic with me and to be as cool as she could be she put her back pack on the front.

see you later cmj!
ps the gossips new dance 12" came out today its called standing in the way of control, go get it!


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