Sunday, October 16, 2005

Final NYC Q and not U show 09/20/05 @the Knit

Q and not U is a band that i fell in love with after hearing thier first record no kill no beep beep back in the summer of 01. sadly i went overseas for a while and was unable to see them in thier early days, but i did have the record and that was worth something, while i was away they released thier second effort, different damage and while it was a good record it was missing something the first one didnt have. the band lost thier bass player, i never found out why, and he took with him some of thier spazz rock edge that i enjoyed so much. i got to see them soon after returning home and while i had a good time, the show was just missing something, i have seen them three times since then and have missed something each time, while the bands final effort, power, was very good it wasnt the QanU i fell in love with. even from the first time i saw them they didnt play much from the first record and that was a problem for me because i think it would have translated better to a live show to get people going then thier softer songs did. for thier final two nyc sets they really did give a lot of energy and ended up playing over 2 hours total, only 3 tracks from thier first effort at most. but a great representation of different damage and most of power. the bands members are already working on other projects so it wont belong until your seeing them on the stage once again.


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