Sunday, October 16, 2005

Japanther & Copra 09/23/05 @some clothing store in the meat packing district

I think this was a really cool idea. Some puppet artist decided to take some of japanthers artwork and bring it to life in a play entitled "dump the body in ricki lake" which is of course also the name of one of japanthers records. the play was made up of the dialogue on the tape loops that come between some of thier songs. crazy gangsta rap musings coming out of oversized bad ass cats and dogs was fucking awesome.

of course the band played the songs in between the puppet fight scenes. and it made for a really good setting for them to do it, the back of some chi chi clothing store was made up to look like a ghetto block and the lighting was provided by a bulb inside a trash can suspended from the ceiling and swung around accordingly. they played 2 sets that were for the most part the same, but after the second one they played a few more fan favorites and at the end the puppets killed them dead.

In between there was this crazy spazzed out band called copra who were a trio of drums bass and vocs, the drums and bass were in a very japanther-esque style, but the guy on vocs was crazy, he was screaming and shoving all these people who had never heard them before, which makes me wish i knew the music more so you could get as crazy as he was getting, but since it was the first time i was just like yikes im scared. good times.


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