Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Oranges Band & Rahim 10/02/05 @the Knit

I picked up Rahim's ep, jungles, out on french kiss the other week and was very impressed by it. Its only four songs long and it goes from having a very punky sound at times to a slow passionate sound that brings the smiths to mind. they are a tight little trio and live they played a bunch of other songs that were really good, these guys play around town quite a bit since they are from here and they are definately worth checking out, check you local listings, and word is they will have a full length at the begining of next year.

I hadnt heard the oranges band before except for a few comp tracks, but i read in a few places that they were like lookouts answer to the shins, but this is not really the case i was pretty unimpressed with thier brand of watered down pop songs. they are really more like lookouts answer to the bodeans.


Anonymous Trenton said...

The Oranges Band will always hold a special place in my heart. You can watch them play live here and decide for yourself:

12:24 PM  

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