Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Decmberists & Cass Maccombs 10/05/05 @Webster Hall

I have got to admit that i have been trying to steer clear of webster hall for as long as i possibly could. i went there once a few years ago for some afterparty and the place was an awful bridge and tunnel dance club. so i have passed on many shows that have come through there, but i am tired of missing the decemberists so i bit the bullet and you know what, it isnt so bad, the space is pretty big and i really dont have any complaints about the sound, but thats probably because they have the people from bowery and the knit on the boards.

Cass Maccombs played thier brand of light indie songs of love and loss. its not really my thing, the whole sufjan crowd, although there are a few acts that get my goat, these guys arent one of them, while i respect it and can listen to its beauty its not really my cup of tea, it seems very run of the mill, like you could have a bill with about 8 of these acts and blindfold people and ask them which band it was and theyll get it wrong. the music is barely there, and the lyrics dont grab you with thier intamacy, i hate to go on about i, but i feel that way with as little disrespect as possible

The Decemberists dazzled the crowd as they have been known to do, they clock in at a little over 1:15 and it was filled with great sounds coming from its six players, thier style of large melodic rock is something that tickles the ears the right way and collin melloys nazally voice grabs your attention over the top of all of the swelling sounds. i really cant believe that he hasnt had a band before, maybe he has but in my searching i have found no info about it. he just seems to know exactly what to do even though the decmberists have only been a band for around 3 years. from the first ep to picaresque i cant think of a song that is no good. the set was filled with great stuff from all albums,leslie ann levine, eli, the sporting life, we both go down together, and sixteen military wives has never sounded better. the mariners revenge song as always was the highlight and they have even added some special effects: the multi-instrumentalist guy comes out with a big set of whale jaws to swallow up the crowd. they encored with a cover of mr blue sky, an ELO song i didnt think i would ever hear again, and i was meant for the stage.


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