Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Numbers, Limited Express (has gone?) & Child Abuse 09/30/05 @Rockys

I know i just saw these bands at cmj, but that didnt matter to me, they were great and i wanted to see them again.
Child Abuse kicked it off right with thier heavy ass keyboard and drums thrash rock. i have seen them a few times around town, always as the first band and it seems like they should be more than the band every one misses because they come late, it has a different feel to it, almost like a psycho circus in some ways and not the kiss kind at all.
Limited Express were, in my eyes, the breakout band of cmj, but it seems like not many others thought so or not enough people talked about them because the show wasnt that packed and sadly this was thier last night of us tour and it was a shambles whoever does the sound at rockys is an asshole, cut and dry. the set was plagued with problems from begining to end, mic problems, level problems, at one point they stopped for a few minutes because there were no vocals and i heard one of the sound guys ask if they really needed vocals. what the fuck is that shit. regardless of the problems they tried making the best of it and danced around to thier girl fronted japunk stylings. its to bad that they didnt have more fun.

The Numbers set was also plagued with sound problems. the main vocals come from the drummer, and no matter how many times they asked for them to be turned up nothing was done, the guitarist and drummer even switched mics at one point and that worked for a few minutes, but then the levels got changed (somehow) and were back to the guitarist way over powering the drummer, sure her voice is softer, but that doesnt mean a mic cant pick it up. other than that, the music was good, but i just cant take when a band sounds really bad and it isnt thier fault. I wont be running back to rockys in the near future.


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