Sunday, October 16, 2005

Thunderbirds are now!, Mommy & Daddy, and Oxford Collapse 09/21/05 @Mercury Lounge

Oxford Collapse is a great band. I cant understand why they arent getting more attention, they are from the city and have seen them a few times, the last time was an incredible set opening for the coachwhips, that blew me away. This time they were playing in support of thier new full length, A Good Ground, while it does have its good qualities in doesnt hold a candle to thier last effort, Some Wilderness. The set was filled with mostly new songs that sound better with the bands live twist and a couple of old favorites, i have trouble describing thier sound kind of a more noodley pavement but with some more of a classic rock edge, it doesnt sound like a good description so check out some mp3's here.

Mommy and Daddy are of course a duo, that have a really good dance rock sound, they alternate vocals, drum machine and bass and have just put forth thier second effort on kanine recs, from what i heard at the live show its gonna be another good one, but to me its more of something you need to see live then listen to at home, daddy just has so much energy bouncing around the stage, and thier chemistry is some voodoo magic there.

sorry, it was dark and mommy was wearing black

Thunderbirds are now! blow me away! seriously i bought justamoustache a few months ago and got thier first effort the last time i saw them and they are great records, got kind of a devo edge to them, but sped up a few notches and thier live show is something that needs to be witnessed, it was my second time and there were definately more people into it this time, they blasted through most of justamoustache and only played one song from their first one, but it was the best song off of that. They played 3 new ones and they were kick ass, i swear, they even invited the guys from Rahim to join them for a song, it was a good sing along number. The highlight was when the keyboard player donned a cat mask and scratched the shit out of some toilet paper, seriously these guys give out so much energy you cant help but give back, they will be back on 11/7 opening for the hold steady @ webster, ill see you there.


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