Saturday, July 30, 2005

Todd P's huge LIC parking lot show 07/23/05

Thank someone for toddp because he gets the shit done, like at least a quarter of the shows i go to are ones that he puts on i cant imagine him not booking awesome shit all the time, so he decided to outdo himself and half a huge ass party in an empty parking lot with tons of awesome noise rock bands. i got there a little late and i missed matt and kim and puttin on the ritz. Talibam was playing when i went in and i got up near them towards the end of the set, a duo boy on psyche drums and girl on fuzzed out bass. it was very free-flowing undulating type stuff, in the vain of Growing. After them Necking played on the otherside of the lot, they have added a bass player (of sorts) he mostly just makes noises into the mic and it adds to the double drum chaos that is Necking.

Growing played right after them on the other side, but i didnt really get up close for them because growing is more something you feel than see. two guys with fuzzed out guitars just outputting waves of sound. Parts and labor played a bit after them. they are always excellent live. they were actually there the first time i saw the coachwhips many moons ago. aww memories.

Aa who ive seen more times than i can count played after them to a huge ass crowd and thats what i feel thier brand of tribal drum rock needs, just more bodies to get energy from and play harder and thats axactly what they did.

(i was behind them)
USAISAMONSTER went on after Aa and they played for like an hour, which wouldve been cool ahd they been something more to my liking, sadly they were not. I just couldnt get into them, it was like grungy noiserock that just wasnt that great, i could appreciate it sure. but due to the length of that set Free Blood only got to play four songs so they could stay on schedule which was lame because any offshoot of !!! is worth a damn to shake that ass and Free Blood totally does that, really good tribalish dancy drum machines and bass and maybe some cowbell for good measure.
Japanther set up in the corner so i got up close for that shit because its rad. they had a little trouble getting through some songs because they kept losing power so their tape machine would go out and they would have to start again from the beginning, it was great, but that wall of people kept coming forward and fell into the drums a few times, but oh well my hands are okay now.

Afrirampo was some crazy japanese psych-rock it was two crazy asain ladies with crazy make up on the guitar and the bass and they both had headset mics and they were making some scary noises and then they started to scream and then it was back to scary noises. a great choice of bands to be on tour with lightning bolt and what a great send off show for them to go back to osaka.

By the time lightning bolt played it was like no one was able to stand let alone get the energy sapped out of them by the rough and tumble drums and bass that was about to pour out on to them. LB played a lot of new stuff or just stuff i havent heard for some reason and they played the hits, i had to skip out a half hour in because i wanted to make it to the last coachwhips show, but as i walked down the street i could hear the sonic assault of wonderful rainbow for blocks.


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