Friday, July 15, 2005

Birthday Boyz, Recovery Period, Bent Outta Shape & S.T.R.E.E.T.S. @ The Cake Shop 07/14/05

So many awesome shows were going on in the city at once last night, it was such a hard decision, but when that happens i most likely go for the basment show, because i prefer a more intimate rocking, i thought i had never been to cake shop before, but it turns out i actually did drunkenly stumble into it once before. Its a nice little bar and show space and the upstairs is a cafe and record store, to bad its smack dab in the middle of the LES, i want to go there less than williamsburg these days, because the hipsters in the LES have to be trust fund babies, there is no way they can afford to live there, at least in williamsburg most people have just sold out to pay for thier apts.

Birthday Boyz were fucking metal, i want to use words like scream-core but i dont want that to sound like a band thing, just a fucking sonic assault that only lasted for about 15 mins but i can understand with the effort those guys put out that they have to stop that shit is intensity in ten cities. I saw them during sound check and the drummer was complaining he couldnt hear the other instruments and im like what the fuck, you can hear them two blocks away.

I missed most of Recovery Period and felt bad because the last song was a nice slowish emoish metal song that still rocked, this trio is on tour so try and go support them so they can make it home.

Bent Outta Shape just get better and better every time i see them, they are just really awesome punk rock with screaming vocals that make you think of springstein screaming his boss lungs out in a basement, the new stuff is really great and they finally started selling it on a tour cdr that is the new full length without the official packagin because its not out yet, the boys just need some scratch for thier us tour so they pass on the savings to you.

S.T.R.E.E.T.S. were fucking intense i had only read about these crazy canadians, but this skate metal brings to mind bands like tragedy and his hero is gone, they fucking rock out so hard, but at the same time its super tight. i couldnt get that close because there were so many fans, probably from the other shows they played while i was gone, i thought i wasnt gonna get to see them but holy fuck i am glad that i did, i got one pic of the guitarist fucking shredding that shit up on the bar.(and it is so fucking impossible to find thier website because it all points to the other streets, grrr!)


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