Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pretty Girls Make Graves, Giant Drag & the Joggers @ Irving Plaze 5/13/06

Fucking Irving Plaza! they always fuck with the set times, one time you go and you wait around forever for the first band to play and then other times you get there 45 mins after doors and the band is playing thier last song, that was the case last night i caught the last song from the excellent Joggers but that was it, i was pissed i havent seen them in months and they rock the live show.

Giant Drag blew it, up the two piece from LA couldnt be cooler, so many good duos there days. the simger is so cute and soft spoken but shit if she doesnt have the dirtiest sailors mouth ever. they played a chris isaac cover and she told a story about how she originally wrote the song when she was 8 and she played it for her 24-years-to-her-elder lover and he stole it and never talked to her again. and afterwards she said "sometimes broken hearts are worse than broken hymens" jesus! and this time i noticed something i hadnt before, the drummer has a keyboard set up next to him that he plays the bass line with, its a great setup i cant think ive seen before. these guys have been in support of thier first full length for like ever, but it hasnt gotten old yet. check out "my dick sux"

Pretty Girls Make Graves tear me up. i mean, i love em, but they have this problem with fame i think. they have been around for quite a bit now, something like 4-5 years. ive seen them in many different settings and they always seem like they want more fame, but they are not a fan friendly band by any means, they always say how thankful they are, but they never seem to stray from a selist or play an old song, even though they always get begged for, youd think that by this point they could say maybe we should learn that song and play it on tour, but they are all about thier new material, which is good but the longer they are a band the more they stray from their roots. the new album is a good album, but its a pregression where each album makes the last almost unrecognizable, the efforts have always been more interesting than the last but that doesnt make them better. they used to be really punk rock and the crowd would rock out along, but they jsut keep evolving and attracting the types of people that make shows unfun, im talking to you standers, i actually heard a girl last night between songs say, "man i wish he would stop dancing" ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! so thats my cents, the performace was excellent, but the crowd made the experience less so. the band are all great at what they do and the new keyboard player just keeps melding more and more, the guitarists murder thier instruments and andrea zollo is a commanding frontwoman but she doesnt play an instrument and that is where you start getting more in with the crowd playing to them and what not, you cant just stare at a dot in the back of the room like youre queen shit, wave to people, play to them. when you sing a lyric like "reach out so i can touch you" fucking reach out, you dont have to have one of the peons actually touch you god forbid, just reach out towards them, come on. im sorry about this review, i do love this band, i loved them last night, but i think its because i do that i have so many harsh criticisms for them, i wish it werent this way but it is. i could go on for hours but i wont, ill get to the pics, isnt that what you people skip to anyway?


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