Sunday, May 07, 2006

Shoplifting @ the knit 5/6/06

Shoplifting were awesome, they have a great dancy sound. it definatley shapeshifts is genre quite a bit but if i listen hard enough at times i am reminded of a young make up. its just got that mad dancy feel to it. i just want to mechanically dance along to hannah killer tight drums, i swear if i didnt see her i would think it was a machine she is right on with her chops. the guitarist is the highlight here though going from rhythm to psych freak and back again the guy definatley commands a band where every member is giving there all to be the most in control. vocally they go from sweet serenade to fits of yelling all in the span of one song. i wish i could see them again at thier matinee show, but alas, they had to cut last night a bit short due to time restraints but that didnt change the quality of the show one bit.


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