Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mt Eerie + Thanksgiving @ the syrup room 5/1/06

I can always enjoy a nice light mt eerie show to counteract the crazy rediculous rockness of many of the shows i go to, you know its always going to be a fun night full of really sweet songs and probably just as many laughs to go with it, not to mention the most curtsies ive seen since i went to the nutcracker.

thanksgiving was really good, i had never seen him before, its the guy who plays the drums for phil these days, and phil plays drums for him. nice pop tunes with very engaging vocal stylings, if there was a school of songwriting that phil leads, thanksgiving seems to be a disciple, which is not a bad thing, but if you start hanging with some one like that for that long he might rub off on you.

mt eerie was grand but not the best ive seen he played a somewhat short set, but i guess it was getting rather late. it was a great mix of his shakey voiced electric guitar drivin ballads. i do love it when he rocks out though seems so out of character but at the same time exactly what he should be doing. the highlight came at the end when he sang the selfreferecial song about going to a mt eerie show, but he told the crowd to sing along and he would tell them the lyrics as they went. it was kind of a disaster but it also sounded really great because he wouls squeek out most of a word and then every one would relaize what it was going to be so it was a bunch of people jumping the gun on lyrics just to try and keep up, does that make sense? dont worry neither did the idea. i was able to grab the vinyl version of "no flashlight" courtesy of a friend and it says on the cover that its the biggest album cover ever, but i didnt think it could be, upon getting home and folding it out it really is like 5'x5' shit is tight.


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