Sunday, May 07, 2006

the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, the Dirtbombs & black lips @ roseland 5/3/06

of course work cause me to miss the black lips and 75% of the dirtbombs, oh well, thats annoying. i cant believe black lips played at roseland i hope they blew those snobby fucks away, this show was seriously insanely overcrowded, but i guess i shouldve expected it. its been like three years since ive seen the yyy's at bowery, that show was right before fever to tell broke them like crazy. it was a great show karen was such a crazy bitch of a front woman and chase and zinner are really great together, all of them sorta of seem to feel each other. which brings us to now show your bones just came out and it slays straight up, i really dig the record, i could use for the more metal side of karen, but thats fine these tunes are so catchy and chases drums are so prominent in the mix, zinner doing some crazy psych effects on his guitar. so there it is roseland gets dark and the kids take the stage to a packed house. theyd already been properly prepped by the openers so it was go time. they dove right in and blew threw a pretty good sized set full of oldies and newies and karen was in full form, ive read in the past that she doesnt really feel as much energy at the larger venues, but she didnt seem affected by it on this night. she was all over the place and rockin it out phenomena was fantastic but it was the older stuff like pin and y control, holy lord what a good rendition. after a quick costume change they closed of course with an acoustic maps dedicated to every one and then a little date with the night. a showgasm if there ever was. sometimes i hate paying the big prices but then when i do i always end up knowing it was worth it.


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