Sunday, May 07, 2006

Defiance, OH & Matt + Kim @the coz 4/30/06

ifn i didnt go to two shows that gloryhole played in one week and miss them both times, fuckin work mixing with early shows, this job thing is for suckers. anywho go to the coz just in time for matt and kim to set up and play, the news songs are solidifying in my brains finally i can start rapping my head around the goodness, it was pretty warm and packed in there so matt had to stand upon his amp just to be able to chat with people between songs, i think much of this crowd made the trek out for defiance not really having a good idea of who matt and kim were, so most people were pretty mellow through out but it didnt stop the diehards from rocking out, good stuff, but it was no last weeks loft party.

it was a triumphant return for defiance, about a year after they had played right next door at the woodser. will couldnt make it out on this tour and lacking a core member sure seemed to make the band feel like something was missing, but all the kids tried as best as they could to fill in the gap left by him, by singing along as loud as they could on classics and new songs alike. i really have a soft spot in my heart for these folkpunkers from OH. they just have really great ideas for how a band operates on all fronts. they just released thier first full length that they didnt self release, they chose no idea, which i think is doing some pretty great work these days for lots of people in the diy punk community. a pretty good distro deal, $6 for the cd or the vinyl, you cant beat that shit. and its a very diverse record, i mean sure its all folky, but there are some plucky acoustic jams and some rough sing along rockers. all in the span of 32 mins. but back to the show, they rocked hard kids were flyin every where, song vocal chords were definately blown and as if every one werent tired enough after 12-15 songs they closed with a cover of "things we say" by the gorilla biscuits. killer cuts! so sweaty and drunk and it was only 9pm.


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