Sunday, May 14, 2006

Matt + Kim, Aa, & Utep @ union pool 05/10/06

The Bicycle Film Festival which ended its run today had a kickoff party last wednesday with some rockin bands to promote it, and it was free! i missed home video sadly as they have been on hiatus for like 11 months because they were having trouble shopping thier album and lost thier drummer, but this was their first performance back so i was eager to see how the chemistry was with the new lineup, but alas ill have to wait to see them at mercury on tues w/ his name is alive.

utep (cant find a link because thats also the name of a college in tx) was hard to get into, at times i thought it was kind of good spacey metal stuff, but then other times it just seemed like popmetal crap that could easily meld in with the mtv crowd, but what do you expect from the assclown that runs lit lounge. he named his club after a terrible band.

Aa are back to the same old tricks after experimenting this way and that its back to the classic four man tribal space stuff, i have to say i really like the one guy who has the delay on his mic and does lots of drum work with and without that on them, it adds that little something extra to and already great band, i know hes been doing it forever but its just a little nuance i was paying lots of attention to this time around.

Matt and Kim
descend further and further into thier bulk of new material and i couldnt be happier, the crowd was so into this performance and it made it megaincredible and there were so many crowdsurfers i thought i was at a nofx show. seriously i got beaten down. they only played one old track, the classic, 5k, except for that it was all fantastic newness, with one song never erver played beferr. speechless as usual, but apparently this record still wont come out for a while, theres a bunch of mixing left and shit, but i dont give two shit, the microphone couldve been up matts ass and the shit would sound great, gross pun not intended. im just dying because i got these fragments from the different new songs, so ill just think about three seconds of keyboard and play it over and over in my head for hours. its like this: doot da doo doo doot doo doot doot blam blam blam, blam blam blam and thats all i got stuck in my brain all the time. its not as fun as it sounds, who am i kidding its fucking fantastic!


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UTEP is the only college in Texas. Fuk all the other schools.

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