Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bent completely Outta Shape

hey all, read some sad news this afternoon, it appears bent outta shape are gonna call it quits. and i was just listening to stray dog town this morning. jaime put this message up on thier myspace today:

so Bent outta shape has decided to call it quits. this is probably good news to some and bad news to others. S'bout time you say! Why do you ask? many reasons. The main one being that since around the time Nate left it started to feel like it's "me and skip's" band...which i don't think is lame..but it doesn't feel right for this particular group. So we figured we should just do a new band with new people who don't come into it thinking they are joining a pre-existing entity and have to do what we say or something.know what im sayin? Also nate and ren are moving to california , mike catalano is busy jerking off to vampire lesbian movies, and Ian and Lauren can't tour. Skip and I figured it was just better to end on a somewhat dignified note i guess? i dont think im conveying anything relevent in this message...i guess i just want people to know! bent is fucking done! hallelujah! im sad...but happy. ... i mean it just a band..whats the point of basing your life around something silly like that if it isn't the same anymore.... anyway we are going to do a last show or maybe even a short tour in the end of june/ early July. Keep ya posted.Hope you dont think this is wierd i posted this on the internet...Love, Jamie Ewing take care!

to bad to see a good band go the way of the betamax, but if it has to it has to, hopefully the last tour we be balls out and the new projects the same.


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