Monday, May 15, 2006

go robot its your birthday!

hey dudes and ladies its edan here, just wanted to point out the fact that this some bitch is a year old already, i cant believe it, seriously, i thought i would keep up with this for like a day, but here it is and with many exceptions ive been bringing the show reviews weekly. ive left this thing alone for months at a time and people still come back to check it out. i just wanted to say thanks to every one who stops by and especially all the bands for putting on the shows that keep me getting out there and seeing what its all about. im gonna shut up now and do something else, im not just a blogger you know, jeeeeez.


ps maybe in a few days ill tally up the results and see how many bands ive seen and award people i have seen the most, with an award that means absolutely nothing and will exist only in word form right here on this page, now thats honor if ive ever seen it.


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