Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Gossip w/no dynamics @ the knit 3/25/06

no dynamics, two nights in a row, to bad i couldnt even hear them tonight because my ears were soley for the gossip. the red dress is workin though.

Murray hill hosted like a rhinestone cowboy would:

gossip were so excited to play even though they play the knit all the time, its still exciting for them to sell out a new york venue and thats what keeps up the feeling that they are a genuine article. because they are no matter where they move or who produces thier albums these guys got it and they arent afraid to let that stuff out. tonight was extra special. they closed with a song i hadnt heard live since back in the day, i think its called revolution anyway it didnt come out until murray hill maid them play a second encore. god damn it was a great night.

and to top it off they djed at beauty bar:


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