Sunday, April 09, 2006

Love is All, cause co-motion, no dynamics, MAN MAN & Will Sheff @ the knitting factory 03/24/06

ok so this was two shows, but i stayed for both. the first was a benefit i got to pretty late but was able to catch the last two acts. Will Sheff from okkervil river was the first. now this guy is fine, but i was rubbed the wrong way when i say okkervil, it just seemed to go on and on and not be that spectacular. i just kept loosing interest, but this was early and he had some good lyrics here and there but if youre a singersongwriter you really have to have that certain something if im gonna pay attention. and i just didnt see it.

MAN MAN once again i dont need to keep saying it, they are playing nyu this thurs (4/13) w/gang gang dance. what do i have to say to get you to go, they give out free candy and cigarettes!

so the next show started late and no dynamics were thrown on the bill at the last second, i guess. they impressed me this time. they are more comfprtable in thier skin now, i saw them two nights in a row and i was glad i got to give them a second chance at thier girl fronted dance rocking.

Cause co-motion kicked some shit after that. i never saw these guys but judging by the couple recorded tracks i have they were gonna rock out. and they did i was reminded a bit of some Q and not U and some other dancy dc bands. good times

the dance pop stylings of Love is all will not soon be forgotten by this kid, good god these guys were great, and what a great crowd to go along with it. nice and small and loving every second of it, you could tell the band was in heaven loving every had clap they got. they gave it all right back to the audience. seriously i cant say enough about them. they really showed the love.


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