Sunday, April 09, 2006

Casioton for the Painfully Alone w/the Donkeys @ glasshouse 03/22/06

Fresh back from tx i was ready for some good nyc shows to get me back in the groove. Casiotone would be great for this, i though something nice and light and great. The donkeys are probably big phish fans from Ca, but i wont hold it against them because thier grooves werent that bad, but you can kinda hear it right now cant you, it sounds exactly like that.

i know ive had my complaints about the glasshouse in the past but i am a fan of the space but i have got to say that the place is to full up with junk now, it looks great, but when your stage no longer has space for a drumkit on it then its time to clear some of it out.
Now here comes the tone, one thing i didnt miss about nyc shows are the ones where if the performer isnt blasting out your eardrums then people think its ok to chat it up. thats horseshit i dont care how much you drank, and besides why did you get shattered to see this guy play, not really the shattered occasion, but oh well. casiotone for the painfully alone played a great set mostly new stuff a bit of old, and the donkeys joined him for back ing on a few tracks, he encored once again with his cover of going to graceland and for my money its his best song, he sound so great on it and it gives that new spin to a classic, the mood totally changes. i have to say that last time was better, but it was still killer.


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