Sunday, October 16, 2005

Wooden Wand & Mt. Eerie 10/14/05 @a dumbo loft

and with this post i am finally back up to date, hooray!
after being mad about the FF i called a friend and she said that i would totally be able to make it to the mt eerie show in dumbo so i did just that. i really wish i couldve seen more of toddp's dumbo shows this weekend but i had to work through them and i hate that shit. so i got to this crazy huge top floor of a this loftspace and was able to see wooden wand in the vanishing hand's entire set. this is a great experimental collective. they played all kinds of interesting noise, they had some cool home made instruments. one girl had a harp-esgue box that she fingerplucked. another girl had a guitar on her lap that she played with one of those things that keeps reverberating one string without having to pluck it, another guy was on the floor manipulating dials, knobs and tapes while he sang into his headphones and the drumming was very light and tribal. it was a very ethereal sound that just seemed to flow so well.

I have never seen the microphones/mt eerie in the flesh before but love the records especially the live one. the singer is one of those personalities that is just so humbled that people actually enjoy what he does. they are these really great guitar songs that are driven completely by his vocals, with a little drumming accompaniment just for good measure. he just seems like a great person that you are very happy that he can produce such good music. way to go champ. the highlight was a singalong right at the end of the show that actually had the audience providing the background while he sang other lyrics on top, it was like magic and totally restored my faith that was lost earlier in the evening. i never shouldve doubted you, music.


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