Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Fiery Furnaces & The Childballads 10/14/05 @ Town Hall

I have been awaiting my beloved fiery furnaces to come back to town for about 6 months now and with all the controversy surrounding thier new record i wanted to hear it for myself and make my own judgements.

The Childballads were great, they played really good alt country type songs with vocals that brought steven malkmus to my mind. the lead singer was very exicted to be playing at such a famous venue, you could tell by his chain smoking. he was very excited to dedicate every song to some one different, one was even dedicated to rows 4-9, and that included me! for all the suckos that got there late you missed an exciting set from an up and coming band. theyll be all over pitchfork soon.

I am very torn about the fiery furnaces set i witnessed this evening. on one hand they played a great set that brought many great songs back from the dead, they played many of thier songs very close to the forms they take on thier albums, which isnt something i have seen them do before, they are usually going back and forth between them and coming up with completely new music arrangements that are really great to hear and very specific to each time ive seen them. the songs from the new album were incredible the only complaint people reviewing the new album have is that the furnaces grandmothers voice is unlistenable, and this may be so, but hearing the songs live got me very excited to hear them again. the encore included inspector blancheflower and blueberry boat done by just matt and elenor. those were the good things, but the bad almost seemed to outweigh them. first of all sitting down for this show was a terrible idead, FF are not a sit down band by any means. the seating at town hall is very bad and if any one slightly tall is in front of you, you miss out because the stage is lower than eye level. the sound for the childballads was fine, i had no complaints, but for FF the sound was some of the worst concert sound i have ever seen, it was way to heavy on the low end, bass and drums were overpowering elenors voice as well as her guitar and matts keyboards at times were almost inaudible, i payed 30$ for this ticket when i used to be able to stand up and see and hear them great for 1/3 that. my last complaint is thier addition of two new members when the bass and drums they had before were amazing, these two guys were very by the book and didnt have sun with it like the other guys did, i dunno what the problem was, but i want them back. so i really am pissed off about this show for many reasons but am still a huge fan of these guys, i just dont think ill be back at town hall for quite a while, just because dylan played there 40 years ago doesnt mean the place is still worth it.

oh and ps: i tried to take some more pics but some usher shined a flashlight in my face and told me to put it away, fuck you buddy, you and your yellow jacket!


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