Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Organ 10/09/05 @Pianos

after i saw the teeth i ran over to pianos to catch the organ and i was really glad that i did. The organ are 5 super cool ladies that rock out like they were a modern day joy division. i cant really think of anything else besides that, imagine female vocals on joy division and youve got this band, but instead of being like, well that nothing new. youre like, why didnt joy division have strong female vocals in the first place. it totally works and you can dance around to it like crazy or, like many people at the show preffered to do, you can stand still and look as cool as you want, just like im sure is what happened at joy division shows. thier record, grab that gun, should be grabbed soon because they have a new full length in the works and you dont want to be behind do you?


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