Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Shout Out Louds & Tiger + Wolf @ Tribeca Grand Hotel 06/10/05

The second time in two days where i got in somehwere that i would have to normally stand outside all night because i was on a list and security had to let me in, this city is great, the hotel has a nice little performance space and dance floor on the lower level and they have begun to host weekly free shows there. When they update it, the schedule is here.

Since i dropped the ball and didnt get tickets to the sold out dears show tonight i signed up to check out Shout Out Louds here, because i had heard some tracks of their swedish indy pop and enjoyed what i heard, i left the convocation of show in williamsburg and raced on my boke to catch their set and got there with five minutes to spare and they played a really great set, they have a lot of energy and tonight the crowd was really into the show, really melodic indie pop that can really get you moving and they are getting a lot of hype so they will probably be huge. The American release of thier new album "Howl Howl Gaff Gaff" is a collection of tracks from many of thier scandanavian singles from the past two years and definately worth many listens. Check em out.

Tiger + Wolf took me completley by surprise, its as if peaches gave birth to a guy and a girl and they grew up to do the same shit she did only more tripped out. They had a strobe light behind them that gave me epilepsy and then made me have a seizure, they came out in these crazy tiger and wolf heads that were super creepy, i thought i was gonna get attacked and they slowly stripped down to give us more of thier seedy electro pop. Songs included "Beat me up, Beat me up", "So Sexy, heres why", "Grind that Pussy, Shake that Ass" and the ever amazing "Put your left hand up in the air, put your right hand down your underwear" It was truly a night to remember.


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