Monday, June 06, 2005

Breaker Breaker, Deerhunter, Ex-Models & Need New Body @ Narchitect Castle 06/03/05

Narchitect Castle is the loftspace that used to be Mighty Robot, that closed about 6 months ago and now it is in its new form and its not as nice as it used to be, the old entrance is boarded up and you have to go in by the fire escape on the side and now they have all the other roofs cautiontaped off and only one bathroom, but you gotta go where the music is if you want to hear it, i think.

Breaker Breaker were finishing up as i got there, but they were playing some heavy freaked out rock songs that fit well at an ex-models show.

Deerhunter was a freakfest, i will not run to see these guys again, they had a good setup instrument wise, but then when it comes time for vocals the freakishly skinny lead singer just started screaming into the microphone and it had some kind of effect on it that flipped each word around individually and heavily destorted them, and this went on for about 40 mins.

Ex-Models have changed since i last saw them a year and a half ago, instead of a 4 piece its now a duo consisting of the two guitar players and thier drummer is an ipod with thier beats on it, i am not liking this shift to that trend, if youre going to play a live show get yourself a live drummer and it will be way more fun. though i did still enjoy the models psych-freak-out rock show.

Need New Body were funky and crazy, i had never witnessed thier show before and i was not disappointed they were all over the place in terms of speed and intensity, some diidys were light and piano driven, while others were pounding drums and screaming guitars it was definately a sight to see.


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