Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Goxxip @ The Knitting Factory (LA) 05/28/05

Thats right bitches The Pirate Hat has already obtained bi-coastal status, our reporter in the field live via satellite:

so i just got back from seein my fave soul rock danceband, the gossip!!! ohh my goodness ms. beth ditto isone hot mama. my ex-gf wished she could rock thecurves like my lady love beth. its all about theconfidence, is what im thinking. they rocked soo hard,unfortunately it was to deaf la hipster ears. no one was dancing or moving or shaking but me!!! sooo lame. i tried to reprensent nyc style.it was a blast though, i got in for free cause it was at the knitt la, so i worked my magic and got me and lovetaker (aka an) in for free. it was a sold out show and people still werent gettin into it. but you knowthe gossip they dont give a fat one, they shook itlike there was no tomorrow. their new shit is soooawesome. i feel like im at a 70's discoteque when ihear it. im kinda in love with their new drummer,hannah blilie, from the chromatics and shoplifting.what a girl!

-our thanks goes out to our satellite reporter Dpham for her courageous field work. and her pics:

ill put up more once i can resize them!


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