Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Gospel, Bent Outta Shape & Meneguar @ the Glasshouse Gallery 06/04/05

The glasshouse put on another quality punk rock show and this time there wasnt even a cover, i like this new trend for the punk rock shows around to be free or super cheap it must be all this heat.

I came in during the last few songs of gospel and they were good. thier style is a bit harder then the rest of the bands on this list, but they pull it off real well because they know what thier doing.

Bent Outta Shape did what they do best and played a super disjointed set that was plagued with broken straps and picks. and after last time i saw them i picked up thier cd and i realized at this show that they play like one song from that album. Its just such pure punk rock that i am really glad they play lots of shows because they rock it out.

Meneguar to me is the rock version of interpol. If interpol wasnt such mono-tone, mellow, ego-driven crap mainstream rock they would be meneguar. These guys are nice and loosened up and they play that way and it works, the only reason i make the interpol comparison is the lead singers drawl, its very similar except this guy has a vocal range and it makes for more interesting songwriting. They have an ep out on magic bullet records very worth giving a listen to.


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boy you never stop, don't know how you do it.

ya get my message bout this weekend??

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