Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Brooklyn Battle of the Bands @ Grand Army Plaza 06/05/04

CMJ decided to give local talent a show in thier upcoming festival in september and to determine the three bands that would get to play at the show they had this battle of the brooklyn bands during the brooklyns best festival on sunday.

They kicked off the show with a band that wasnt even competing, 33hz was the special guest of the show and they played first. thier style is prince-like funk. Definately not as good as the man but its fun and you can dance to it, their record is definately a dance party. pic (im not gonna post all the pics fullsize due to thier being like 12 bands)

Cousin started off the contest with thier brand of funk rock that was worth a damn. The singer had a lot of good energy. pic

Cut The Wires played after them and i really liked thier liars-esque indie rock freak out scene, but apparently i was one of a handful there that was really into them. pic

The Cyphernauts are mainstream hip-hops enemy. They rap positivley about positive things and they rap negatively about whats going on in the mainstream right now, they are lyrically gunning for 50 and pdiddy. pic

The Dutchkills are obviously going to get called out for thier lead guitarist short arm that he still plays a mean guitar with, but the music was really good straight up indie pop and thats the way to remember them. pic

Faith were really good, they played really awesome funk wall of sound and the lead lady belted out some great vocals. these people were real musicians, not just a band, they were all super tight. pic

The Fandanglers were the band i went to see, i caught them a few months ago at the onion christmas party, they play really fun country diddys that make me want to like country more because they really rock it out while keep that southern vibe strong. but sadly they normally play with slackers frontman, vic ruggerio, on keyboards but he was missing today. pic

The Fast Breakin Classics were another hip hop act but they didnt really stand out as much as the cyphernauts with thier lyrical styles, but i do respect the fact that they use live instruments to get thier hip hop jams. pic

Graeme K played spacy indie pop tunes, they were good, but they kind of fall into that groove where its really nothing new and its not fun and exciting so it isnt very memorable when up against so many other styles that seem to stand up so well. pic

Jesse Diamond and the Thousand were fantastic, chick fronted rock n roll will always hold a place in people hearts, there is something about 4 awesome musicains rocking out while a pin up girls screams out rock anthems. They were definately the most into it band, they danced during most of the other bands sets too. pic pic2

Paul Brill played some really interesting light singer songwriter ballads, and they stood out due to thier quality, i figured that by the end of the day i wouldnt want to hear something this down tempo, but i was surprised and it was good stuff. pic

That was the battle and while the judges decided who won they had a special guest, the international whistling champion, Steve Herbst. Who is a celebrity and then some!

First Runner Up: Faith
Second Runner Up: Paul Brill
And the winner is:

Jesse Diamond & the Thousand who came back to play a few more songs before the night was over, so they get a cmj show in sept, be sure to check it out. (and i completly forgot that the drummer for that band is the guy who hosts karaoke every monday at Capones)


Anonymous Dirty said...

Jennifer Connolly was in the audience, and she gave me the Rock Horns!!!!!! Whew....
Dirty Vlay of
Jessie Diamond and The Thousand

7:58 PM  
Blogger .: Snare :. said...

Thanks for this blog Edan. It was a blast participating in this event. The d_Cyphernauts are still going strong as well as Jessie Diamond and The Thousand. :)

11:22 AM  

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