Friday, June 10, 2005

Busdriver, We Are Scientists & Out Hud @ The Roxy 06/09/05

Add the Roxy to the list of places where i wouldnt be let in unless it is a ticketed event and i have a ticket. By the looks of the super tool club-hip people outside i was having second thoughts about being there, but it actually turned out to be pretty great. Got in, the place was super huge and of course there was a vip area that i wasnt even allowed in, but i didnt give a fuck because there was an open bar. This event was the Deisel u music awards, but i didnt see any ceremony going on, i just saw some rock action.

Busdriver was fucking sick awesome. That was some of the besy hip hop i have ever seen live, he is so grimy its disgusting, the man can rap too. I think that if artists like busdriver were the norm for hip hop today this world would be a better place, if only for the fact that it takes a thousand times more skill to do what he does, than what fitty is out there doin, that guy seriously sucks a fat one.

The best part about this show was there were hundreds of people there but like fifty people were in front of the stage at a time, if that, i think i was the closest person for busdriver. When We are Scientists came out i thought it was gonna be some hipster chick indie band with hot dudes, but man was i wrong, the drummer is a dirty hippy and the bass player looks like a cross of harold ramis and JD from le tigre. The only remotly cute dude was the singer, and after a few songs i got into them they sound like a good mix of some bands: interpol and the killers but with better drums, look for them to be big soon.

Out Hud came out and told us they only had a half hour to get us goin, so that we should shut the fuck up and dance, and that about 12 of us did. Out Hud and !!! both put on really awesome dance shows where the music isnt crap. They really rock it out and give it all thier energy and just after flying back from seattle on 3 hours sleep. Thier electric cellist is super cool too. they dance like crazy when they can, and the lead guy came right down into the crowd to dance too, he seemed pretty pissed at all the industry fucks for being who they are, but was glad to see the people down in it having a good time. to bad they arent playing any more shows this summer.


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