Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Kamikos Long Letter & Repellant @ The Trash Bar 05/30/05

Trash bar is a nice little spot on grand street in Williamsburg that has gone through many renovations and ownership changes in the past few years, but they are soming out on top now with their free tots every hour and thier rock shows that are never more than $10 and when you pay in you get free open bar from 9-10, not a bad deal, if youre good you can drink your door price in half that time.

Kamikos Long Letter has two of my friends in it and of course that makes me over critical of the music they play. I have seen these guys a few times now and it seems like every time i see them the three guitarists get tighter and tighter, they go well together but the drums need some work. KLL plays emo music mostly in the style of jawbreaker, its not as emotive as jawbreaker, but its in the same vain. Sometimes light and floaty, sometimes angry and raging, all of this works. I think that the singer writes good songs, and he tries very hard to sing them with a hoarse voice, that he doesnt really have when you talk to him, but it makes it all the better to hear that there is a certain sound that is trying to be produced on stage and for the most part it does. now i am not trying to be a meany-head to the drummer, but he just cant cut it, the boy needs to get his chops in order and come back later. I will give him credit he tries to play very intricate beats, beats that i probably wouldnt try playing, but thats because i cant and i know that, but no one told him. he slows down and speeds up at random, and when you play a 16th note you want to make sure it fits right in the middle of those two 8ths around it, its not a 17th or 15th note for a reason. That being said KLL has potential that i would like to see realized in the not to distant future, they could be successful they just need some more practice. They need to grab ahold of the music they want to play and then make it thier bitch. Sadly no pics because my cam was dead.

Repellent play hardcore, good hardcore, these guys are prime examples of what KLL needs, they need to become one unit with 8 arms. The drummer of this band plays like he has most of those arms, he is tight as hell, and the guitar players play fast HC so they need to be tight or theyll be falling all over the place. Quick catchy tunes make them anything but thier namesake. its loud and you can dance to it and thats all i ask. miraculously my camera rose from the dead for one pic:


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