Saturday, June 11, 2005

Coptic Light, Zs & Convocation Of... @ Narchitect Castle 06/10/05

The rooftop of narchitect castle was packed to the gills last night on account of how hot it was inside the loft, but some of us braved the heat and saw a decent rock show.

Coptic Light has come a long way since i saw them two years ago, they have gone from being a psych rock wall of sound into a psych rock wall of sound with an insane drummer. This guy would make the drummer from hella prowd. The guitar and bass player noodle around with plenty of effects pedals while drummer rocks out with his kit, i was talking to some one outside and he said that last time they played the guy broke his drums after two songs so it was kind of a bust, but that didnt happen this time.

Zs played what Sweep the leg johnny would play if they were more together and orchestral. 2 drummers, 2 saxes and 2 axes. The players in Zs all sit down and play to sheet music, which i can understand due to its disconnectedness at times. Sometimes it is very together, other times it is whisper quiet which at times was a bit to avant garde for me, but due to the sweep the leg johnny nostalgia i dug them.

Covocation of... rocked out psych hard core. This band was the first grungy rock (post) band i had seen in a long time. Sometimes i was reminded of Nirvana and other times i thought i was hearing the Guy sung Fugazi songs. But its not like it hasnt been coming for them, apparently Tonie Joy thier frontman has been around for 15+ years trying to make it in bands so he knows what rock music is.

(i ripped this pic from the tigerstyle website, i was to far back to get anything good)

Aa was the last band to play that night, but i skipped out on them to try and make another show, but you can read a review of thier last show here.


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