Friday, June 03, 2005

You can say i do at least...

  • Apparently Mr. Jackie White got married only a month after starting to date model Karen Ellison. Is it real? Is it publicity? well see. official site / mtv news
  • Villiage Voice gave us a little more of an update on siren its looking alright, brendan benson and dungen adding some thickness there, but still not even holding a torch to last years. and do you believe pitchfork had the gall to report on this and act all coy about them having a music fetival the same weekend. hey pf it happens the same weekend every year! oh well they are super jealous about Spoon.
  • Gorrilaz announce virtual tour, WTF!
  • New Strokes could drop as early as January 2k6.
  • Paul Hinojos formerly of At the Drive-in and until recently a member of Sparta has left the band to join the other half of the band in The Mars Volta, punknews has a blurb.
  • You can still bid on Green Day's old tour van that shit is pre-bookmobile, pre dookie, pre teeny bopper attention. if you want an old shitty van that doesnt run and that has resin all over it BID NOW!
  • in other new it is FREE DONUT DAY at all participating Krispy Kreme locations.
  • TV corner: ok so how awesome is tv gonna be soon. Stella begins on comedy central on june 28th. Family Guy syndication of the new season begins on cartoon network on june 9th. and the final season of six feet under on HBO starts on monday!
  • Why did wolf parade sell out before i got a ticket?
  • lastly toddp is putting on a show at the place that used to be mighty robot, i went to the last show that they were supposed to have and now i am going again, that doesnt make sense, heres the deets:
  • come out 2NITE, Friday June 3rd for this awesome loft party going down @ the NARCHITECT CASTLE (the space formerly known as MIGHTY ROBOT) -
  • :: EX MODELS ——————————-> fresh back from European tour:::
  • NEED NEW BODY ————————> six piece Philly weirdo funk:::::
  • DEERHUNTER ————————–> from Atlanta:::::::
  • BREAKER! BREAKER! —————-> Brooklyn basement pop kings
    [ NARCHITECT CASTLE ] … formerly known as ‘MIGHTY ROBOT’ …401 Wythe Ave btwn S 6th & Broadway Williamsburg, BrooklynL-Bedford/G-Broadway/JM-Marcy all ages 8pm $7 donate no phone


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