Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Slackers @ The Bowery Ballroom 05/29/05

The Slackers have no trouble when it comes to bringing it, they never have. They go out on tour and see the rest of the states and then they come back and have a bash because they know the hometown crowd is going to appreciate it more than any other city could. Boy was it a party, The Slackers played for maybe about 2 hours (2 sets) including a 5 song encore. There is something about thier sound that keeps me coming back over and over again, i have shyed away from most ska bands in my recent past because they just dont deliver anymore, or they havent evovled in a while, the slackers keep putting out albums but they know what songs the fans love and they will never stop playing them, on a tour to support a new album they probably play like 2-3 tracks off it and then go back to what makes them them, songs like sarah, married girl, have the time, do you know, feed my girl, wasted days, etc. The only reason i cant say that this was thier best show is because i saw them two years ago and they played thier finest album, The Question" from start to finish and i was sore for days.


Anonymous the dubious erik j. said...

none other than danny wacker & the new blood revival were the openers for this show....who knew!

9:56 PM  

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