Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Jason Anderson & Kimya Dawson @ North Six 06/14/05

Got there late and missed Schwervon! but was able to catch the last half of Jason Andersons set and the hippy side of me liked it, he does these great singer-songwriter sing alongs that every one was really into and on the last song he brought a bunch of people up on stage and either all the kid learned the lyrics right there or they already knew them and im guessing its the latter, and also i have never seen so many kids with X's on thier hands ever at north6. the sing along lyrics to one song were something like "the best thing in the world is to love some one and they love you back" you know just sentimental sing along diddies, they never hurt any one.

Kimya Dawson as always was her amazing self. She just ended her last tour 2 days ago in washington state, flew home, slept, played a show for us, and is leaving today for a new tour. She truly is amazing. She started off with everythings alright and hold my hand. Then she played a mix of classics and new songs, the new songs were great and i cant wait to be able to listen to them lots. One of the stories she told was about how on the tour she drew boners on her shirts and told people it was the 1000 boners tour and on one stop of the tour she said that if you bought a shirt and got the 1000th boner you could have free stuff so she just picked a random person who got a shirt and started sreaming and yelling "1000th Boner!" and had a party, she then told the guys in the audience that next time they have sex with some one to do the same thing to the partner, which is hillarious. she played other good ones like singing machine, i like giants, rock with holes, and that song that i dont know the name of where she just starts singing other songs in the middle like life is a highway, master of puppets, etc. she revealed that eleventeen was the first song she ever wrote on guitar. and when it came time for her to end this wonderful show, she played parade, and it was the first time i heard her play it, and towards the end her and the girl from schwervon! all the sudden started singing an acapella version of the greatest love of all and it was one of the funniest things ever because kimya stuck to it and sang it out and then went back to parade and finished it off it was great. (and you can download a version of parade w/greatest love here)

Then i tried to get some words out of these people regarding the show, but they were unresponsive:

Note: kimya wants the black version of giggles and she will pay back whoever gets it for her and love her forever.


Anonymous julie said...

i found you via searching for kimya lyrics. that was such an awesome show.. i just got intensely nostalgic.

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